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Don’t be fooled by the “cotton-like” and other mysterious ingredients found in other tampons and pads. Check out these short videos to help you distinguish between what’s better and more comfortable for you and the environment. Then, watch our fierce Maxim Hygiene girls hit the road to educate others and learn how you can help spread the message too!

Dioxins and your Menstrual Care Products

Dioxins are a byproduct of the Chlorine Bleaching process and a known carcinogen. Maxim Hygiene discusses what this means in regards to your Tampons and Pads.

 Cotton vs. Wood Pulp

The absorbent core of nearly all sanitary pads, including other natural brands, is made from Wood Pulp. Wood Pulp comes from trees and it’s overly abused use in many products is leading to deforestation. It is also a common irritant for many women.  Maxim Hygiene was the first line of 100% Cotton Sanitary Pads on the US market. Cotton by nature is hypoallergenic, softer and more absorbent than wood pulp. This video explains how to tell the difference between the two fibers. 

 Cotton vs. Synthetics

Did you know that most conventional tampons and pads are made with synthetics? Synthetics are chemically derived and frequently comprised of unsustainable materials like petroleum. They are a significant cause of irritation for people. In this instructional video, we teach you how to tell the difference between what's cotton and what's synthetic and how Maxim Hygiene's 100% Natural Cotton Sanitary Pads are a huge relief for women who suffer from irritation. 

 Maxim Hygiene Girls Saving the World, One Period at a Time!

B-roll from our fun photo-shoot where our girls took the streets to educate women about the contents of their feminine hygiene products.

 How to Help Spread the Maxim Hygiene Message

Maxim Hygiene's Vice President, Rebecca Alvandi, talks to GreenQueenJB about ways to help Maxim Hygiene educate women about the importance of using Organic and Natural Tampons and Pads.