The First 100 Days of Feminism in 2017

While everyone may have been focused on analyzing President Trump’s first 100 days in office this past week, we’re checking in with our 2017 intention of ‘discovering what it means to be feminine‘ and getting ready for a bunch of celebrations in honor of Women’s Health Month and Menstrual Hygiene Day! Before we address the health […]

How Planned Parenthood Saved My Life

Seventeen… what isn’t magical at 17? The world is your oyster, your body is in peak physical condition, your brain is absorbing information exponentially, your hormones are in full flush, causing your loins to tingle multiple times a day; and if you were me, you were in love. It was my first love and to […]

If Malala Was a Green Feminine Hygiene Queen…

Instead of using the opportunity of having a female presidential candidate to shine light on certain women’s issues that are rarely discussed, like the movement to end the ‘Tampon Tax,’ or to make glyphosate a well-recognized carcinogen, it seems like we’re spending a lot of time listening to old men bicker. We, the American people, and the […]

Fierce Woman of the Month: Dominique Vidale, Building Hope in the Congo

Social media has been lauded for its ability to encourage activism, but how much are we really changing the world with Facebook “Shares” and Twitter “Re-tweets”? Sure, we’re spreading the word, raising awareness and sometimes, money, but the fact remains: we still need those bleeding hearts to go out in the world and take a stand. […]

Fierce Woman of the Month: Aubrey Shayler, The International Women’s Initiative

In a world where women’s rights and identities are constantly in flux and being challenged, there remains one constant – the need for womens’ voices to be heard, recognized, and acted upon. Many NGOs and initiatives prioritize “sustainability”. To ensure that changes are long-term, indigenous populations should be the ones developing these changes or “solutions.” […]