Ringing in the Yin Yang in 2018

Our last blog post of the year usually entails reflecting back on all the fierce women we’ve featured on our blog over the year and casting a vote to see who our audience thinks is the fiercest of them all. There was a bit of a shift that happened for us though about mid-year that […]

3 Ways to Make Your Voice Heard

Earlier this year, in the spirit of our #FierceWoman icon of the year, Malala Yousafzai, we set our intention for 2016 to be Exercising Your Feminine Voice and encouraged our readers and ourselves to ask how we would use that voice to create positive change. We wanted to check in on how those vocal cords, […]

#FWOTM: Gretchen Ki Steidle, “The Mindful Warrior” of Global Grassroots

Before being nicknamed ‘The Mindful Warrior’ of Global Grassroots, Gretchen Ki Steidle began her humanitarian pilgrimage by first listening to and learning from the marginalized. From the deserts of Eastern Chad to the corners of Thailand and the townships of South Africa, Gretchen spent months speaking with survivors fleeing the genocide in Darfur, studying under […]

#FierceWomenFunded Non-profits for Women’s Empowerment

Earlier this year, we announced our commitment to donating 10% of Maxim’s online stores’ sales to non-profit partners associated with our fierce woman philosophy and women’s empowerment. Our #FierceWomen series is one of our favorite things we do at Maxim Hygiene Products. Our company was built not only to provide women with organic and natural feminine hygiene alternatives, but […]

Who Will Be The #FierceWomen of 2016? – YOU Nominate, YOU Win

Aaaah, as we wind down the first week of the new year, we’re feeling empowered and ready for all the great new possibilities and exciting initiatives we’ll be unraveling in 2016. How can we not be optimistic after one of the most exciting years in Maxim and menstrual hygiene activism history?! Last year’s Fierce Women truly captured […]

What are you #sorrynotsorry for? How one hashtag is fraying female power

Everybody’s new favorite sassy hashtag for everything from farting to posting photographs of extreme public displays of affection: #sorrynotsorry; Pantene Pro-V’s new favorite way to lure women to shiny hair and sitting up straight in their dresses; And everyone’s new favorite way to apply feminism- pointing out another flaw in womankind- great, so excited to […]

Taking Back the Vagina

Cunt. Pussy. Snatch. Box. Cum Dumpster. Cock Holster. There are dozens of words that have taken the place of “vagina”– a word of recluse that has now developed a strictly biological/formal tone. The word vagina has always been shrouded in attempts of modesty and by notions of shame and has thus remained unclaimed in a […]

A Few Good Men Raising Awareness for Sexual Assault on Women

  Men have been getting a lot of heat lately for being the main perpetrators behind the astonishing high stats we shared with you last week about the occurrence of sexual assault on college campuses – 1 in 5 women has been sexually assaulted while in college. When we read the all too common news stories […]