Ringing in the Yin Yang in 2018

Our last blog post of the year usually entails reflecting back on all the fierce women we’ve featured on our blog over the year and casting a vote to see who our audience thinks is the fiercest of them all. There was a bit of a shift that happened for us though about mid-year that […]

If Malala Was a Green Feminine Hygiene Queen…

Instead of using the opportunity of having a female presidential candidate to shine light on certain women’s issues that are rarely discussed, like the movement to end the ‘Tampon Tax,’ or to make glyphosate a well-recognized carcinogen, it seems like we’re spending a lot of time listening to old men bicker. We, the American people, and the […]

Fierce Woman of the Month: Judy Vaughan, Executive Director of Alexandria House

  On my first trip to Los Angeles, I remember taking a leisurely stroll through downtown to explore the flower and fabric districts. I turned the corner and all of a sudden I was in the middle of “Skid Row,” an area of downtown LA known for its enormous homeless population. Intellectually, we understand that […]

Louise Erdrich: An Author Making “Fierce” and “Native” Synonymous

“Ladies! Please don’t be a Pocahottie this Halloween. For your own sake. A real Native woman might ask you to eat those dyed chicken feathers. A real Native woman might swing you around by your fringe until you ruin the party. Worst of all, a real Native woman might corner you and let you know […]

Fierce Woman of the Month: Aubrey Shayler, The International Women’s Initiative

In a world where women’s rights and identities are constantly in flux and being challenged, there remains one constant – the need for womens’ voices to be heard, recognized, and acted upon. Many NGOs and initiatives prioritize “sustainability”. To ensure that changes are long-term, indigenous populations should be the ones developing these changes or “solutions.” […]