Back Pain: What’s Normal, Period-Related, and Not

Periods aren’t only a pain in the ass… they’re also normally pains in the back! It’s totally normal to get lower back pain during your period, but we’re here to help you understand what’s normal, in relation to PMS and periods, what’s excessive, and ways to deal with it! First, let’s understand why our backs […]

3 Pivotal Period Policy Actions in New York and Around the Globe

I’m a New Yorker. There’s no doubt about it. I’m a straight shooter and I know how to seamlessly devour a slice of pizza while weaving through NYC traffic and answering emails on my smart phone. Even after almost three years of living in Los Angeles, where I learned to slow things down a bit […]

The Honor in Horror- A Period’s Place of Power

The four to eight days women spend sorting through various premenstrual symptoms of physical woe is not often thought of fondly. Gruesome bouts of bleeding, emitting dark odors, touches of wrath, ceaseless stabbing pain- these are all elements of what many women associate their periods with and ironically also descriptors of some of the most […]

Who is Robin Danielson? 5 reasons why you should know

Robin Danielson died in 1998 at the age of 44 after contracting Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) from the use of a conventional brand of tampons. Today many women feel like TSS is something that they no longer need to worry about and believe that tampons are now much improved. While it’s true that the particular product […]

FWOTM: Courtney Kenny Porto, an inspiring feminist artist

The Feminist Art Movement began in the late 1960s as a way for women to find their voice through art and have their work showcased in galleries. Before this movement, the art world was very male-dominated and women were rarely given the opportunity to publicly display their work. Feminist art was meant to be very […]

Connecting our Ancestral History and Fathers with our Periods and Souls

Fierce Woman Of The Month: Natalie Berthold, Family Constellation Therapist and Healer Maxim Hygiene’s Co-Founder/VP and first ever Green Feminine Hygiene Queen, Rebecca Alvandi, recently partnered up with fellow Fierce Woman and Women’s Natural Health Expert, Nicole Jardim, on leading Period Parties, a safe and welcoming space for women to gather and learn about their […]

Menstrual Hygiene Day Uplifts Women Around the World

Tomorrow, on May 28th, the Green Feminine Hygiene Queen blog will join the first ever global “Menstrual Hygiene Day,” an event where 90 organizations from around the world come together to break the silence and taboo around menstruation. I’m sure many of us can relate to feeling shame about our bodies particularly when we first started our […]

Self-Care for National Women's Health Week

National Women’s Health Week is one of those observances that may induce a “who cares” from many of us. But if you think about it, it’s pretty cool that a government entity, the United States Office of Women’s Health, dedicates a week each year to encourage and remind women to make a health a priority. As fierce […]

A Brief History of Pads and Tampons

When it comes to options for dealing with our periods, the women of 2014 are generally pretty fortunate. Technology has advanced rapidly in a relatively short period of time offering more options for menstruating women on the move, particularly as a response to more women in the workforce. In honor of Women’s History Month, we […]

#HowtoResistSex & Why You Should If You’re on Your Period

The word “Humpday” has always been a giggle-trigger for those of us who harbor our tweensie selves deep within. So, it was no surprise, that this past Humpday, aka Wednesday, would be the day the Twitter world decided to contribute its intellectual opinions on sex. #HowToResistSex has been trending for more than 24 hours now, […]