Chakras, spiritual energy centers, related to healthy menstruation

Special Guest Blog Post by: Lacy Young is a health coach, meditation facilitator and the creator of Campaign for Confidence. Lacy is a former junk food junkie turned green juice aficionado! She believes in the power of veggies and their ability to heal the body, mind and spirit! Lacy believes that you can be healthy […]

The Connection Between Tampons and Marriage Equality

Did you notice an influx of images with an equal sign and a stream of red popping up on your favorite social network not too long ago, around March? No, it wasn’t Facebook’s time of the month. It was the Human Rights Campaign’s expression and support of marriage equality. Well, get ready for another visit […]

The OB Ultra Tampon Crisis….Maxim To The Rescue!

I am sure you have all heard by now about Johnson and Johnson discontinuing the manufacturing of their OB Ultra tampons. The Internet has been in a panicked buzz with women all over the country wondering what happened to a product that they had come to rely on for years. Countless blogs and new organizations […]