5 Signs of Hormonal Imbalance

As an almost-30 year old woman who takes medication for hypothyroidism, poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, depression, hormonal imbalance and insulin regulation, I can tell you that a healthy endocrine system is the key to figuring out your overall health. From websites like WedMD to health apps prescribed by doctors (even period-tracking apps), the resources available to […]

Our Five Favorite Recipes for PCOS

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is not only the leading cause of infertility in women, but also the culprit behind symptoms such as irregular periods, severe abdominal pain, rapid weight gain, depression, anxiety, excessive hair growth, increased testosterone levels, dark skin patches, acne, low libido, and thinning hair. PCOS is sometimes referred to as the […]