Taking Back Women’s Health with Dr. Aviva Romm

Everybody needs a doctor like Dr. Aviva Romm in their lives. I’ve been searching for one since my first visit to the gynecologist. Although I may not have found one yet in my home town community, I’ve always been lucky enough to get what I need from the wise and like-minded practitioners and healers I […]

5 Signs of Hormonal Imbalance

As an almost-30 year old woman who takes medication for hypothyroidism, poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, depression, hormonal imbalance and insulin regulation, I can tell you that a healthy endocrine system is the key to figuring out your overall health. From websites like WedMD to health apps prescribed by doctors (even period-tracking apps), the resources available to […]

Sunny Day Skin Safety

It’s hard to believe it’s almost Memorial Day weekend, the official start of summer! Excited thoughts of beach bumming, walks in the park, barbecues, outdoor markets and rooftop brunches fill my head. After a long winter where even our friends in the south got it bad, can’t you feel your skin calling out for the […]

The Effects of Menstruation on your Breasts

Many of us wake up some days wishing we had bigger boobs. And once a month, Mother Nature gives in to us! Did you know that during PMS, generally the week before you get your period, your breasts can grow a whole cup size? Somewhat non-coincidentally, studies have proven that men find women most attractive […]

Listen to Maxim Hygiene and inCYST HERE

We had such a blast speaking with Monika Woolsey of inCYST! Listen to our interview here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/btrplayer.swf Listen to internet radio with incyst1 on Blog Talk Radio For more info on inCYST visit their blog here: http://www.incyst.com/