Taking Back Women’s Health with Dr. Aviva Romm

Everybody needs a doctor like Dr. Aviva Romm in their lives. I’ve been searching for one since my first visit to the gynecologist. Although I may not have found one yet in my home town community, I’ve always been lucky enough to get what I need from the wise and like-minded practitioners and healers I […]

10 Healthy Habits To Commit To, especially Before You’re 30

Whether you’re in your teens, thirties or in your sixties, there are some healthy habits that each of us should commit to for the sake of our bodies and in order to maintain our health as long as possible. It isn’t about longevity, but rather having a wonderful quality of life, for as long as […]

Ringing in the Yin Yang in 2018

Our last blog post of the year usually entails reflecting back on all the fierce women we’ve featured on our blog over the year and casting a vote to see who our audience thinks is the fiercest of them all. There was a bit of a shift that happened for us though about mid-year that […]

3 Pivotal Period Policy Actions in New York and Around the Globe

I’m a New Yorker. There’s no doubt about it. I’m a straight shooter and I know how to seamlessly devour a slice of pizza while weaving through NYC traffic and answering emails on my smart phone. Even after almost three years of living in Los Angeles, where I learned to slow things down a bit […]

Gearing Up for Mother’s Day and Menstrual Hygiene Day by Giving

Mothers and menstruation. They are so deeply connected. So are fathers for that matter, as Natalie Berthold, the most amazing family constellation therapist, shared with us not too long ago. We should probably do a follow up post with her about the family constellation connection perspective between moms and menstruation too. In the meantime, we […]

A Look Back at 2013’s #FierceWomen & Setting the tone for a Fearless New Year

Chinese Zodiac traditions associate each year in a twelve year cycle with animal signs that supposedly affect the characters of people for that year. If Maxim Hygiene Products were to create a zodiac calendar of our own it would revolve around our Fierce Woman philosophy and 2013 would be characterized as the year of “Leaning […]

Seasons of Spiritual Revolt – The Maxim Way

The Maxim brand was born in New York, one of the most revolutionary cities in the world, fueling our products revolutionary ways and mission of changing the face and feel of feminine hygiene. After spending a week in Southern California, celebrating Maxim’s third birthday at Expo West since our launch there three years ago, I […]

The Maxim Hygiene Spring GiveAway Contest! Win a Year's Supply!!

  It’s been a long cold winter and what better way to warm you up on the inside then entering our contest for a chance to win a Year’s Supply (12 packs) of any Maxim Product of your choice!! Contest Details: The “Why do you love Maxim Hygiene?” GiveAway Contest is a great way to […]