5 Girl Empowerment Gifts for the Holidays

Whether you need a holiday gift for your niece or a birthday gift for someone’s daughter, we’re encouraging you to think outside the box and give girl empowerment gifts. Gifts like makeup, clothes, and toys that are traditionally targeted towards girls are largely static in value — they don’t give back more past the face […]

What are you #sorrynotsorry for? How one hashtag is fraying female power

Everybody’s new favorite sassy hashtag for everything from farting to posting photographs of extreme public displays of affection: #sorrynotsorry; Pantene Pro-V’s new favorite way to lure women to shiny hair and sitting up straight in their dresses; And everyone’s new favorite way to apply feminism- pointing out another flaw in womankind- great, so excited to […]

10 Things We Women are Thankful For

Most days of the year, it’s easy for women to notice the discrepancies and inequalities we face in the world, in the workplace, and so on. But in the spirit of Thanksgiving and the theme of being thankful, here’s a list of green queen traits we can be thankful for: 1. Our Sexuality It may […]

Sonnet for my Ear Lobe

As the last evolutionary vestige of ancient ancestry My earlobe simply hangs.  It isn’t much fun. It’s just a fleshy, bodily accessory. That’s why I got it pierced when I turned 21. Cartilage, skin, and a light peach fuzz, The ear lobe is a rather small bit. Though I’m not really sure what it does, […]

An Ode to my Elbow

Maxim Hygiene was developed with Body, Earth, and Health in mind. So let’s take a moment to LOVE OUR BODIES!! Here’s a start… An Ode to my Elbow by GreenQueenDM Just like Pablo Neruda knows It’s always nice to write odes, That’s why I think it’s time somebody wrote One of those for her elbows. […]