Bringing Healthy Home: Featuring Gunnar Lovelace, Fierce Man + CEO of Thrive Market

For a month that includes Father’s Day, it’s perfectly fitting we feature a Fierce Man, instead of the usual line up of women we designate the space to! Protecting women’s health, our rights, and our access to healthy menstrual care products are all critical to the continued growth of our mission. While women have been […]

A Special Thanks to Our Founding Father for Our New Home

Last week our Fierce Woman of the Month, Natalie Berthold, reminded us of how important it is to acknowledge a father’s presence and contribution to any family unit. With her teachings, we also found ourselves guilty of and immersed in what Natalie called “a world where feminism is swarming and women are kicking ass”, leaving […]

Connecting our Ancestral History and Fathers with our Periods and Souls

Fierce Woman Of The Month: Natalie Berthold, Family Constellation Therapist and Healer Maxim Hygiene’s Co-Founder/VP and first ever Green Feminine Hygiene Queen, Rebecca Alvandi, recently partnered up with fellow Fierce Woman and Women’s Natural Health Expert, Nicole Jardim, on leading Period Parties, a safe and welcoming space for women to gather and learn about their […]

Celebrating Stay-at-Home Dads This Father’s Day

As an increasing number of women are graduating from college, entering the workforce, defying traditional gender roles, an increasing number of men are spending more time at home with their kids! According to NPR, women are the primary breadwinners in more than 25% of American families. The Census Bureau finds that about 3.5% of stay […]

Father's Day: a break from resentment

About a week ago I felt myself needing a good cry. My period had come and gone without the occurrence of my usual PMS related emotional breakdown that helps rid my body of any bottled up emotions from the previous month. I really enjoy the overwhelming emotional experience even when if it creeps up on […]