5 Things to Do to Make PMS Less Painful

Womanhood comes with many rites of passage and periods are of course one of our favorites! If you ask any woman today if she remembers the first time she started menstruating, she can probably recall the moment in detail. It was a turning point in her life, where she went from being a girl to […]

Homeless Periods

You know that desperate feeling when you have you period and you reach into your handbag and frantically look for a tampon or pad only to find nothing? Imagine having that same sensation every single menstrual cycle, only being without the option of running to the nearest drugstore, friend or vending machine to fix the […]

Is There an “Acceptable” Female Body Shape?

Throughout history women’s bodies have been cherished, criticized and molded into “perfection.” However, what is considered “perfection” if beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Is perfection thin, curvy, big breasts, small breasts, or a tiny waist? The popular Internet news media company Buzzfeed created a video compilation in January titled “Women’s Ideal Body […]

FWOTM: Meika Hollender and Sustainable Condoms

From our own father and daughter duo at Maxim that brought you organic and natural tampons and pads, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to another dynamic family partnership that’s making sexual hygiene more sustainable and natural with Sustain condoms. The initial idea of sustainable condoms was thought up by Jeffrey Hollender about twenty […]

Celebrate Women this Presidents' Day

Presidents’ Day is a holiday that is celebrated in the United States on the third Monday in February. It was created in 1885 and was originally coined as Washington’s Birthday to honor the first President of the Nation and it was meant to be celebrated on February 22nd, Washington’s birthdate. In 1971 the government decided […]

Fierce Woman of the Month: Tanya Fields, Creator of The South Bronx Mobile Market & Blk Projek

The organic industry has a history of fierce pioneers who paved the way for the increased demand we are experiencing today for all things healthy and better for the environment. Tanya Fields is one of our favorite local pioneers who has taken this movement a step further by making “green” living and sustainability more accessible to […]

6½ Reasons to be Thankful for Our Periods

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and being grateful for our blessings, luck, and fate, we thought it would be a great idea to ask girls and women why they were thankful for their periods. You may be arching an eyebrow, thinking “Yeah right!” Or you may be leaning in a little closer to find out […]

5 Fun Activities, Groups & Resources for Moms

School has been in session for over a month now. For most Moms, that’s either a huge relief freeing up some extra time while the kids are away or for others maybe a nightmare of places they have to be in driving one kid and then the other to one activity and another. Whatever the […]

Fierce Woman of the Month: Aubrey Shayler, The International Women’s Initiative

In a world where women’s rights and identities are constantly in flux and being challenged, there remains one constant – the need for womens’ voices to be heard, recognized, and acted upon. Many NGOs and initiatives prioritize “sustainability”. To ensure that changes are long-term, indigenous populations should be the ones developing these changes or “solutions.” […]

A Gift of Love: from Maxim Hygiene to You ARE Loved

As I sat down to write this post today, I took a look down blog post lane to refresh my memory on when I first posted about the topic of today’s entry; ironically enough, it was exactly a year ago today in a post that captured a new beginning and inspiration here at Maxim Hygiene with […]