Is Your Fashion "Slow" Fashion?

If you were to talk to your grandparents or great-grandparents today, chances are they lived much simpler lives with fewer personal items and articles of clothing than you. Fast-fashion has become the norm, as people desire to keep up with trends and dress like their favorite celebrities and become easily enticed by pretty storefront windows and […]

FWOTM: Meika Hollender and Sustainable Condoms

From our own father and daughter duo at Maxim that brought you organic and natural tampons and pads, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to another dynamic family partnership that’s making sexual hygiene more sustainable and natural with Sustain condoms. The initial idea of sustainable condoms was thought up by Jeffrey Hollender about twenty […]

Fierce Woman of the Month: Tanya Fields, Creator of The South Bronx Mobile Market & Blk Projek

The organic industry has a history of fierce pioneers who paved the way for the increased demand we are experiencing today for all things healthy and better for the environment. Tanya Fields is one of our favorite local pioneers who has taken this movement a step further by making “green” living and sustainability more accessible to […]

In Bloom: Spring Natural Makeup Trends

Happy Spring! It’s the beginning of a new year and in many places of the United States, it signifies the beginning of warm weather. Warmer weather means going out more and a change of seasons means a change of wardrobe. Adios knee high boots, hello peep toe sandals! Gone are the down coats and wool […]

Is Pocahontas just another Disney Princess? The Importance of Environmental Studies

We teach our kids not to litter and our salaries push us to save water, but in general, most people have a casual attitude towards protecting the Earth and its resources. In the past few decades, people have started becoming concerned with preserving natural resources but only because we have been warned that we may […]

Fierce Woman Series: Stefanie Iris Weiss

This month’s Fierce Woman is Stefanie Iris Weiss, author of Eco-Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable. She also maintains Both of which educate women on the importance of greenifying your life — even in ways you may not have thought to before. In her book, Weiss even mentions the importance […]

Are You an Online Shopper or do You Prefer Actual Stores?

I always made an adventure out of hanging with my girls and going shopping. There is something very exciting about getting dressed to go shopping with your best friends. In fact, I can firmly state it is therapeutic.  There isn’t a word to describe how it feels to try on a new dress or a […]

Work Up a Sweat in Your Backyard!

What better way to spend a nice, sunny day than in the garden???  Not only is it rewarding to make your backyard look as nice as possible, but it also has many benefits you might not be aware of. For instance, it’s therapeutic, almost zen-like in its attention to detail and consistency. It’s also a […]

Friday (Saturday) Fun Day: Wild by Nature Summer Kickoff Event

    Friday Fun Day actually took place this Saturday when Maxim Hygiene’s Julia and Sacha headed East to the Hamptons to attend Wild By Nature’s Summer Kickoff event at its Hampton Bays location. The girls enjoyed the beautiful weather as they spoke to women about the importance of using organic and natural tampons and […]

Friday Fun Day – Earth Day Style

Hello all! It’s our favorite time of the week…Friday Fun Day! For those of you who don’t know,Friday Fun Day is a way for the Maxim Hygiene team to come together at the end of a busy week and have a little fun. Each week, a different member of our team will be in charge of creating a fun […]