Is Your Fashion "Slow" Fashion?

If you were to talk to your grandparents or great-grandparents today, chances are they lived much simpler lives with fewer personal items and articles of clothing than you. Fast-fashion has become the norm, as people desire to keep up with trends and dress like their favorite celebrities and become easily enticed by pretty storefront windows and […]

Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning

The origins of consumerism can be traced back hundreds of years, but it wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution that it started taking root in the United States. The values of leading a simple way of life decreased and people became more and more interested in buying and owning more things. Today we have evolved into a […]

Your Menstrual Cycle and the Moon

Today’s society is very contradictory when it comes to women and their health. On one hand, you are constantly told to go to the doctor, get your breasts checked, and take your vitamins. On the other hand, you are expected to be able to juggle work, family and friends all at the same time, virtually […]

Fun Children's Museums to Keep the Kids Busy This Summer

The summer is flying by but there are still a few more weeks or days (for some) left before the school year starts.  As Fierce Women and Green Queens, we believe education is the best method to changing the world for the better and that there’s always a way to have fun while doing it! […]

Earth Day: Rainforests

Kinkajou, Capuchin, Jaguar, Zodiac Moth. Dart Frog, Bird of Paradise, Three-Toed Sloth. (OK, we’re clearly not as lyrical as Dr. Seuss, but that bird of paradise video from BBC’s Planet Earth is pretty phenomenal!) In continuation of last week’s post on Our Oceans and April’s theme of protecting and celebrating our Earth, this week’s post […]

Dr. Seuss & Earth Day: Ocean Life

    One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. Angler fish, Cuttlefish, Narwhal, Jellyfish.   Dr. Seuss, a literary genius and retrospectively – an environmental activist, knew the potential scope of our destructiveness. About one half of the world’s endangered species are in the U.S. alone. April encompasses the great day, 4/22, a.k.a. Earth […]

Is Pocahontas just another Disney Princess? The Importance of Environmental Studies

We teach our kids not to litter and our salaries push us to save water, but in general, most people have a casual attitude towards protecting the Earth and its resources. In the past few decades, people have started becoming concerned with preserving natural resources but only because we have been warned that we may […]

4 Fun Not-so-Average Summer Activities: Good for your Physical & Mental Health

You may be tired of the sun and sweat, but in several weeks when the cold breeze is messing up your “do”, blowing your skirt up to reveal your hiney, and forcing you to cover your perfectly browned shoulders with a jacket, you’ll regret not having done some of the following activities. Taking advantage of […]

Are You an Online Shopper or do You Prefer Actual Stores?

I always made an adventure out of hanging with my girls and going shopping. There is something very exciting about getting dressed to go shopping with your best friends. In fact, I can firmly state it is therapeutic.  There isn’t a word to describe how it feels to try on a new dress or a […]

Work Up a Sweat in Your Backyard!

What better way to spend a nice, sunny day than in the garden???  Not only is it rewarding to make your backyard look as nice as possible, but it also has many benefits you might not be aware of. For instance, it’s therapeutic, almost zen-like in its attention to detail and consistency. It’s also a […]