Repair + Repurpose: The Two Rs Missing from the Recycling Rhyme

“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” That’s the mantra we’ve been chanting since kindergarten, but in an age of consumerism where Forever 21 releases new clothing lines every three weeks and the average American spends over $20 on morning coffee each week, we’ve forgotten how to live responsibly. The two R’s missing from our recycling rhyme are – Repair […]

Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning

The origins of consumerism can be traced back hundreds of years, but it wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution that it started taking root in the United States. The values of leading a simple way of life decreased and people became more and more interested in buying and owning more things. Today we have evolved into a […]

Heaven is a Place on Earth – Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day stems from the history of a movement that worked to bring environmental concerns and causes to the forefront during the height of the “hippie and flower-child” culture in the 70s. Every year since then we’re delighted to see the world come together in bigger and stronger ways to take action in some form […]

Earth Day Celebrations with a Chocolate Twist!

In honor of Earth Day this year, Maxim Hygiene is celebrating our world, but particularly, those beautiful regions that produce chocolate! Cocoa, what chocolate is made from, is grown in a belt of subtropical and tropical countries that straddle the equator, ranging from Madagascar to Sri Lanka. The cocoa production and export industry is a […]

Earth Day: Rainforests

Kinkajou, Capuchin, Jaguar, Zodiac Moth. Dart Frog, Bird of Paradise, Three-Toed Sloth. (OK, we’re clearly not as lyrical as Dr. Seuss, but that bird of paradise video from BBC’s Planet Earth is pretty phenomenal!) In continuation of last week’s post on Our Oceans and April’s theme of protecting and celebrating our Earth, this week’s post […]

Dr. Seuss & Earth Day: Ocean Life

    One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. Angler fish, Cuttlefish, Narwhal, Jellyfish.   Dr. Seuss, a literary genius and retrospectively – an environmental activist, knew the potential scope of our destructiveness. About one half of the world’s endangered species are in the U.S. alone. April encompasses the great day, 4/22, a.k.a. Earth […]

Friday Fun Day – Earth Day Style

Hello all! It’s our favorite time of the week…Friday Fun Day! For those of you who don’t know,Friday Fun Day is a way for the Maxim Hygiene team to come together at the end of a busy week and have a little fun. Each week, a different member of our team will be in charge of creating a fun […]

Happy Earth Day!!

Today is one of Maxim Hygiene‘s very favorite: EARTH DAY!! We celebrated by volunteering at Earth Day NYC’s Times Square event!! More here. But for now, a little bit about WHY WE LOVE EARTH DAY! What better way to celebrate the beauty that is Earth.  The grass! The trees! The ocean! The birds! The urban […]

Earth Day 101

LET’S TALK EARTH DAY! APRIL 22, 2011 Are you getting excited for Earth Day? We are too! Therefore, we’ve rounded up some information about this wonderful day and how to celebrate it. One person can change the world. You wouldn’t realize it, but the first Earth Day started because of one person in April of 1970.  Before […]

Songs To Get You Psyched For Earth Day

Here are some songs that remind the Maxim Hygiene team about why we love the Earth. Enjoy these as you prepare for Earth Day. Earth Song by Michael Jackson A sad song about how people don’t take good enough care of the Earth, but it’s by one of the mot renowned singers in American History. […]