Loveologist, Sexologist and Fierce Woman: Wendy Strgar Talks Good Clean Love

This past Valentine’s Day while we gave you four reasons to use organic and natural personal lubricants, many of us dreamed about gifts we want or how to be spoiled by a significant other. Some of us rushed to book waxes or go shopping for lingerie deals, and some spent hours baking . But how many of us […]

5 Ways to Prevent Yeast Infections During the Summer

Summer brings sunshine, sand, water, sunscreen, and sometimes even scandal. Who doesn’t dream of romantic walks on the beach, lingering looks with a mystery stranger while soaking the hot tub, or fighting the waves with your partner/ random bronzed hottie? No matter what the daydream, the chances are that if it occurs during the summer, […]

Don’t Let the Yeast Be a Beast!

We’ve all been there – literally, ¾ women have become itchy and miserable, all due to a yeast infection.  But why do yeast infections occur? And how do you get rid of them? This post is going to be the girl’s guide to dealing with the yeast beast and being as comfortable as possible. Yeast, […]