Four Eco-Friendly Trip Ideas for Do-Gooders

This Spring and Summer, consider a break or trip that allow you to do good, give back the the community, or protect the Planet in some way! You’ve already chosen natural menstrual care products that are better for the environment, so why not vacation with the planet in mind? Here are four fabulous Eco-Friendly trip ideas […]

5 North American Ecotourist Destinations to Beat the Heat

Summer break always means dreams of exotic getaways – snorkeling in Fiji or a hike in the Chilean Andes, but we often forget, North America is home to some of the most beautiful destinations of the world. From the Redwood forests of California to the Gulf stream waters, the United States is made up of almost […]

Fun Children's Museums to Keep the Kids Busy This Summer

The summer is flying by but there are still a few more weeks or days (for some) left before the school year starts.  As Fierce Women and Green Queens, we believe education is the best method to changing the world for the better and that there’s always a way to have fun while doing it! […]

Portland, City of Roses

If you’re searching for a lush, decadent and vibrant city, look no further than Portland, Oregon. Yes, “Portlandia” where locals will tell you the parody is not that far from the truth. Last week, I visited Portland for the first time…also my first encounter with the fresh air of the Northwest. The city is incredibly green in a […]

Healthy and Sustainable Packing and Flying Travel Tips

Whether you’re hopping on a plane to an exotic destination or packing your trunk for the unique Soul Camp alternative style vacation we recommended in our last post,  we wanted to make sure to suit you up with some healthy and sustainable packing and airport travel tips for your summer travels! Packing. You saved up […]

Viva La Vida: Frida Kahlo, Fierce Woman

Last weekend, I checked something off my bucket list that I’ve been wanting to do for (at least) six years: visit La Casa Azul, Frida Kahlo’s home, now a museum. I was excited to be there particularly because it’s Women’s History Month and I am interested in the ways women tell their stories. Frida shared […]

5 Things to Add to your 2014 Bucketlist

Along with making New Years Resolutions come all types of Bucketlist ideas for the new year and for life! Unfortunately, most of us let our adventures slip away while we get caught up in the real world struggles of every day life. So, here are 5 things you should do in 2014 to ensure that […]

3 Ways to Give back this Holiday Season & Better the World

During the holidays, the greatest feeling we get (other than being stuffed with goodies and cider) is that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing that something you have done has made someone’s life a little bit better. Whether it’s giving the perfect gift, donating canned food, helping out a local non-profit, there are […]

Our New Travel Pack: A 3-in-1 Item For All of Our Cosmetic Needs!

It’s almost certain that when we ladies are traveling, that we’ll end up leaving something behind. Last weekend it was my tweezers – I had to go to my Alumni holiday event with an angry Kahlo-esque unibrow. Last month? My nail polish remover and cotton pads. I cannot even count the number of Aunties that […]

Summer Eco-Oriented Road Trip Destinations: U.S. National Parks

For many of us, summer is the ideal time to take a vacation. Kids don’t have school, the weather is beautiful, and there is no better time to lounge at the beach and jump into the ocean. But for some, trips to exotic locations can be expensive and impractical. And why go to another country […]

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