9 Life Hacks, Using Period Pads and Maxim Product!

In the spirit of #healthymenstruation and being a green feminine hygiene queen, we’ve compiled a list of life hacks for you, using leftover period pads and Maxim Hygiene products. It’s a great way to recycle unused and disliked products that have been sitting in the closet OR to use the ones currently sitting there after you decide […]

3 Twisted Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving means many things to many people, but for many of us, the most exciting part of it is the FOOD we get to eat, the amount of food we get to eat, and the chance to get a little tipsy along with our uncles and aunties. I would argue that Thanksgiving is the best […]

10 Things We Women are Thankful For

Most days of the year, it’s easy for women to notice the discrepancies and inequalities we face in the world, in the workplace, and so on. But in the spirit of Thanksgiving and the theme of being thankful, here’s a list of green queen traits we can be thankful for: 1. Our Sexuality It may […]

Our Favorite Healthy DIY Back to School and Office Snacks

They say the healthiest way to keep your tummy full and not round is to eat several snacks during the day. The temptation with snacks is always that the tastiest snacks are sometimes the worst for us! Think about it – small packets of chips, little ice cream bars, brownie bites, and muffins. The list […]

4th of July Goodies

Every 4th of July is a reminder of our great country’s Declaration of Independence for “Life, liberty and pursuit of justice for all. This Independence we’re commemorating our recent freedoms – more specifically, SCOTUS’ baller decision to slam Prop 8 and as a result we’re choosing to honor the color blue out of all our flag’s […]

Friday Fun Day: a Trip to the Met!

In honor of all the super hard work we’ve been doing here in the Maxim Hygiene offices, we decided to treat ourselves to a little visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to finally see the Alexander McQueen exhibition that has New Yorkers all a-flutter! We awoke at the crack of dawn (okay, 6am) and […]

Friday Fun Day: Scavenger Hunt!

I was a bit of a late bloomer. I didn’t quite blossom until I went to college. In fact, I remember the exact day the buds started to push open. It was freshman orientation week, the day before classes were to begin and my roommate and I signed up for the last activity of our […]

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Friday Fun Day: The Maxim Hygiene Oscars

  For this Friday Fun Day, I (Josh) chose to lead a discussion on everyone’s favorite actors/actresses and movies. I love being entertained by a movie with a captivating storyline and great acting. So without further ado, Maxim Hygiene’s Oscar Nominees are: Rebecca’s Favorite Actors Keira Knightly Will Smith Cate Blanchett Edward Norton Rebecca’s Favorite […]

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Friday Fun Day: I Got You

This week’s Friday Fun Day was chosen by Maxim Hygiene’s Public Relations and Marketing Director, Julia: I was inspired for my Friday Fun Day activity by a dance I saw on Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance. The dance was inspired by a Leona Lewis song called “I Got You.” And while I was […]