4 Pieces of Women’s Health Jewelry

ava ovulation tracking braceletAttention, ladies. It’s not like we need any more reasons to buy jewelry, but in case you’re itching for your next purchase or a gift for mother’s day this weekend, here are a few pieces of women’s health jewelry that can actually enhance the feminine experience!

It was just a matter of time that tech companies decided to give jewelry a dual purpose. It only makes sense that our necklaces and bracelets should do more than just look pretty because aren’t women meant to do more too?! Moving beyond Apple’s watches and tracking sensors like the Misfit, which collects data on sleep patterns and exercise, we give you a list of four beautiful statement pieces that will have Wonder-Woman wishing she was born now.

#1. For Secret Safety

Women should be able to walk safely wherever, whenever, but unfortunately, this is rarely the case. And while having a basic knowledge of self defense is great, a lot of women don’t want to encourage confrontations if possible. For those situations where cell phones aren’t handy to make 911 calls, women now have jewelry options (like the Cuff collection) that give wearers an easier way to guarantee their personal safety. Press and hold the Nimb ring’s button and the panic message with your GPS location is immediately and silently sent to friends and family, people nearby, police, and emergency services. Once the alarm has been activated, it automatically starts recording audio, which can be useful later on for those reviewing the event (for example, using the data to identify the voice of an attacker). One might also consider the Siren ring, that emits ear-splitting alarms when pressed to alert others to your distress.

#2. For Relieving Stress

For the women who can benefit from taking a deep breath…several times a day, Ringly has created a line of gorgeous gem-stone looking products that not only track fitness measurements, but also sends the wearer timed alerts throughout the day encouraging guided meditation breaks using subtle vibrations and light! The jewelry pieces connect to over 200 apps including one that helps women through deep breathing exercises which can aid in relieving anxiety, pain and blood pressure irregularities as well as promoting mindfulness. Plus, Ringly is one of a number of wearables that is partnering with MasterCard for contactless payments!

#3. For Menstruation & Sleep

The Bellabeat Leaf is one of the most adaptive wearables that helps women track their menstrual cycles and can advise them during periods of ovulation and heightened fertility through its connected app. Sleep monitoring is also part of the comprehensive feature package; as levels of estrogen in the body fluctuate throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle, it can make it harder to fall asleep and get fully rested. Being able to plan around this to get enough sleep may be able to bring about a more holistic and healthy lifestyle for users.

ava bracelet

#4. For Fertility and Menstrual Cycle Tracking 

For all the aspiring mommas out there — and those of us who just want to get a grasp on PMS, the Ava ovulation tracking bracelet monitors body temperature through the skin helping to identify fertility windows in real time. The app is also full of educational content for women, helping them to understand how their individual cycle impacts their health with features like symptom tracking, trend analysis, graphs, and more. This lets women predict how they will feel when in the month; a woman who suffers from endometriosis, for example, may be able to use this to plan when to ask for days off from work due to unbearable pain. Research also indicates that couples who plan conception with such detailed tracking can conceive in half the average time of eight months. Even after pregnancy, the app explains to mothers what changes are happening in her body as well as the fetus’.

All in all, there are a ton of cool projects finally aimed at women. Be sure to explore all your options because your health and safety is of the utmost importance. The makers of the Ava bracelet couldn’t agree with us more. In honor of Mother’s Day and to help celebrate our company’s 10th Anniversary as the trusted choice in natural menstrual care products, they are giving away one Ava bracelet to one lucky winner*! To enter to win, fill out this form and follow the other terms detailed in it. The bracelet is valued at $249 and increases the possibility of adding value to your life with a baby and better cycle management. And who knows, for whoever wins the bracelet with the intention to conceive, maybe next year we’ll be celebrating your baby’s 1st birthday at the same time as Maxim’s 11th! Good luck!


*Offer ends Sunday, May 13th, 2018, at 11:59pm EST. Limited to one entry per unique email and ship to address. One winner will be chosen at random from all participants that follow the above rules for submission. The winner will be notified by Tuesday, May 15th, 2018 via the email entered in this form.

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