7 Valentine’s Day Activities Celebrating Period Sex and Your Body

Period SexHowever you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and regardless of whether you’re in a relationship, be sure to take some quality time to celebrate yourself and your body. If you’re one of the thousands whom Aunt Flo will be visiting during this merry little holiday, don’t fear or let the thought of period sex scare you — your lady bits deserve loving any day of the month, even those few days when your period is in town. You might feel a little skeptical at first, but there are benefits to period sex and masturbation that may give you another reason to stay in bed this Valentine’s Day. And while it may seem impossible to feel sexy while you’re bloated, nauseous, and holding out against the inevitable diarrhea, we have tricks!

If you just can’t get past the thought of blood stained sheets here are a few other sexy ways to celebrate love and your body either with yourself or your partner!

1. Take a hot shower.

Not only will a hot shower make you feel cleaner, it will actually make you cleaner. Hot water is an excellent natural remedy for pain relief as it aids muscle in deeper relaxation. Try and angle the water on your lower back or abdomen to relieve cramping. When heat receptors in the skin are turned on, it can chemically override the pain signals your body is sending. Try soaps with lavender or peppermint oil extracts to alleviate nausea. The shower will also help ease your mind about any metallic smells being emitted from your vagina, should you be about to hop into bed with someone.

2. Moisturize

Sometimes, lathering on your favorite lotion or rubbing body butter into your heels can make you feel like a new woman. Follow a soak in the bathtub with time concentrated on your skin care, especially your hands, feet and face! The skin covers almost 20 square feet of space on your body,  serves as one of the body’s most formidable defenses against the external environment (pollution, allergens, toxins), regulates our body temperature, provides sensory input, and eliminates waste. When it is compromised, more irritants can enter the system. Plus, moisture is the key to elasticity in the skin, which decreases over time, giving way to wrinkles and folds in the skin.

3. Masturbate.

Being horny is good for you, who knew? Just the act of getting aroused allows your mind to focus on pleasure instead of pain; it releases the hormones dopamine and endorphin, chemically altering the dominant signals your brain is sending. At the moment of climax, a woman’s blood flow increases throughout her body, helping to relieve the cramps. The length and intensity of the orgasm also directly relate inversely to a woman’s cramping — i.e. the longer the orgasm, the less cramping she’ll be suffering later on. Women who masturbate often also report that the activity improves the symptoms of PMS, such as irritability and crankiness.

4. Do some yoga.

If nothing else, all the twisting and turning will awaken your bowels, causing the deflation of your system through farts or the eventual massive poop. Child’s pose, forward fold, knees-to-chest, and the supine twist for your lower back are fan-favorites for those dealing with period cramps. If you’re a heavy bleeder, avoid positions with inversions as they can lead to vascular congestion and increased bleeding. The excess sweat is also a great way to get rid of the excess water your body’s tissue is holding. Plus, the muscle work out can reduce the intensity of uterine cramping! Remember to stay hydrated if you work out; drinking water won’t increase your bloating, but rather help reduce it.

5. Eat some chocolate.

The science is clear (to us at least)! Eating chocolate releases endorphins, obviously, which always improves mood, and it contains magnesium, which can help alleviate cramps and increase energy. Finally, dark chocolate is high in antioxidants, improves blood flow, prevents clotting and has the added element of making you feel naughty!

6. Consider cannabis.

Again, science to the rescue! For another natural remedy in those states that have legalized the use of marijuana, try smoking a joint to relieve nausea, back pain, and abdominal pain. In fact, marijuana has been proven to help with headaches, pain, diarrhea, cramps, and depression. The THC and CBD have been found so useful, that several companies (including Whoopi Goldberg) are making cannabis infused tampons, creams, and pills for women during that time of the month. In fact, our very own Fierce Woman Linda B. Rosenthal, NY State Assemblywoman (D) is spearheading the legalization of marijuana use for women with dysmenorrhea. It can also increase your sex drive, so next time you have a partner in bed, consider it a tool…

7. Have sex, even if it’s period sex.

Last but not least and back to where we started — Sex, like masturbation, is great for you, even while you’re menstruating. It can get messy, but don’t be afraid of it — blood washes away. Throw an old towel down before your romp, and you should be good to go. Not only does the oxytocin released during sexual activity numb the pain, each orgasm (and arguably thrust?) helps to push out even more of that uterine lining, so you’re looking at a potentially shorter period too. Some articles cite makeup sponges (shoved up there, ALL the way) as a period sex ‘hack’, but we’d warn you against putting that cheap, spongy synthetic plastic into your body. We of course always suggest a clean and healthy alternative with Maxim organic tampons and 100% cotton pads and liners. If you’re reading this post on Valentine’s Day 2018 (February 14th, 2018), hop over to our online store to get 25% off your next purchase of Maxim Hygiene Products. Unlike our love for you, this sale is just for one day, so hurry on over and save! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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