5 Ways to Make Upcycled Holiday Decorations

upcycled holiday decorationsThere is a unique beauty that comes with upcycled products — is it knowing the story from where they came? The joy of creation involved in turning these recyclables and trash items into things of beauty? Or knowing that you are literally saving the planet, piece by piece? We at Maxim Hygiene revel in the beauty and miracles of nature — our values, like our products, and our lifestyles, are as natural and eco-friendly as possible. So this holiday season, we wanted to share some decoration ideas, that will change your home without affecting your wallet! In fact, the only thing that might get lighter, is your trash bin. Read below for fabulous ideas on how to make upcycled holiday decorations. You’ll learn how to use common household items for DIY projects that will usher the holiday cheer into your home without breaking bank or harming the environment.

1) Paper Tube Decorations

Anyone interested in a non-shedding tree? A menorah that can be made silver by using only tin foil? Tubes from toilet paper and kitchen towel rolls offer a sturdy but pliant material to build everything from wreaths (cut each tube into 3 inch slices and glue together, in circular pattern) to trees (align tubes in concentric circles of decreasing width to the desired height) and paint green! If you need sturdier tubes or tubes with different diameters, try duct tape rings, laundry detergent bottles, and even food cans! Tubes are literally the building blocks of holiday DIY projects so start saving from November! Don’t be afraid to ask your neighbors to raid their recycling either; talking about it encourages other to change their behavior and be more aware of their environment so even if you walk away empty-handed, you may have created a more environmentally conscious and responsible person!

2) Gingerbread Houses

Take those old milk cartons, cereal boxes, and Amazon boxes for sturdy walls and a roof and paint away! Pro tip: make sure to let the paper of the carton dry out for at least a day after finishing off the milk and be sure to rinse thoroughly before drying so you don’t have a smelly house. Glue leftover Halloween candy to the sides, if you have any, or nuts and granola for a crunchier feel! If you want to build a palace with turrets, try using Pringles’ chip cans. Your gingerbread house can also double as a winter feeder, so consider using “natural” decorations like pine cones!

3) Snowflakes

What holiday decoration would be complete without frosted flakes? We love the stickiness of Maxim’s pads, it removes the need to buy (or get up and find) tape! Try cutting up your pads into snowflakes — they’re already neatly folded into parts so you don’t even have to unwrap them! Draw your design on the plastic cover and then cut away!

If you don’t fancy sticking leftover sanitary napkins to your windows, try shredding the pads into fibrous pieces that can be disguised under the Christmas tree as fake snow. If you really have a ton of pads leftover, perhaps because you switched to our non-applicator tampons to be more eco-friendly, you can insulate any packages with your pads, in case your gifts are fragile!

You can also make snowflakes by gluing together and painting puzzle pieces and clothes pins! For the smaller flakes, consider gluing them onto boxes, jars, napkin rings, or headbands for that super festive feel.

4) Lanterns, Candles, & Luminaries

Mason jars aren’t just for hipsters; place candlesticks in empty jars for a large flame protected from the wind. Place them around the house in the evenings to create a cozy ambiance or outside for a more festive feel. Not only will you save money on your electric bill, you’ll also have longer-lasting candles as the wax or oil will collect over time and can be re-used by different wicks. If you don’t have jars, wine bottles work well too, but be careful not to leave glass out too long in the cold, as it may shatter.

You can also use jars (whose tops can still be found) to create upside down, water-less snow globes! To create a scene, simply glue your decorations to the inside of the cap. You can use sprigs of real trees, plastic Santas, glass deer figurines, or whatever else you’d like to trap in snow. Then, cover the base with some cotton and fill the jar with fake snow and glitter. Screw the cap on upside down and flip for a wondrous wintry surprise!

5) Bird House & Squirrel Feeders

Whether you choose to cut up cardboard and smother it in duck-tape or simply hot-glue a bunch of plastic containers together, our household trash and recycling items offer boundless supplies to create winter habitats and a reliable source of food for our furry friends. Create a castle for them by stacking and gluing together old yogurt containers. Use an X-acto knife for more precise cutting, like when carving doorways for the creatures to come in and out of! You can glue acorns, pine cones, or evergreen leaves to the top to make it feel less artificial as well, or consider painting it brown and placing it among some plants.

Other Upcycling Ideas:

Wrapping Paper — Use old magazine papers or brown paper bags to wrap presents; get as creative as you want — you can choose to stick with a theme ranging from color or subject, or grab your paints to create a unique pattern, personalized and customized for your loved ones.

Ornaments — Use pine cones painted white, cookie cutters hung on ribbon, or even origami creations to create unique ornaments.

Holiday Themed Glasses — Run to the local craft supply store and get markers that can paint on glass. Then, get to re-decorating those scratched and old glasses to create a new set! These glasses can also make a lovely gift for someone, so if you don’t have enough for a set, consider customizing the glasses through design.

You can also use our stocking size organic tampons and natural beauty products as stocking stuffers. Combine that with all of the above and you’ll be sure to have a very green Christmas, while everyone else is “dreaming of a white Christmas!” 😉 Happy Holidays from everyone at the Maxim Hygiene Products family team!

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