3 November 2017 Feminist Events to Be Thankful For

jennifer weiss wolf periods gone publicThis Thanksgiving month were giving thanks to all that’s transpired in the past year to propel the menstrual movement upwards and onwards. To show our thanks, we’re participating in and contributing to THREE November 2017 feminist events that are truly taking #FeminineToTheMax when it comes to spreading the message about menstrual health and equity. Yes, that’s THREE events, all in ONE month! Three years ago we would be lucky if there was even one event in one year like any of these that we would be able to participate in! In order of occurrence, here’s a recap of each:

Lunch and Learn at Thrive Market

Sorry, but this one is for VIPS only. Maxim has teamed up with one of our favorite online retailers of healthy products, Thrive Market, to host a book launch party for May 2016 #FWOTM Jennifer Weiss-Wolf‘s new book Periods Gone Public. Since 2015, Jennifer has been the leading activist around taking a stand for a term she coined as menstrual equity. In a related realm of equity and action, Thrive Market has been fierce about making healthy living easy and affordable for everyone not just through their every day low price membership based service, but also through a variety of their giving programs. Maxim is proud to support both of these entities by fueling their missions and contributing its products to them. This Friday, our VP and Chief Flow Rider, Rebecca Alvandi Yadegar, will be interviewing Jennifer at a lunch and learn for Thrive team members who want to further their knowledge and support of the menstrual health and equity movement.

cycles + sex la

Cycles + Sex

After a successful first run in NYC, the next upcoming Cycles + Sex gathering will be in Los Angeles on November 4th, 2017. It will feature an ecosystem of education and tools that highlights the interconnectedness of our sexual, menstrual, hormonal and reproductive health to empower people and their bodies. The day will be packed with workshops, panels, performances and a curated marketplace, with keynote speeches by previously featured Maxim fierce women, Madame Gandhi and Alisa Vitti. You’ll also get to leave with some featured Maxim organic tampons and other healthy menstrual care products! Most importantly, you’ll leave empowered with knowledge that is totally #femininetothemax!



One last event that features the work of yet another Maxim fierce woman – Nadya Okamoto, Founder of the non-profit PERIOD, a group of advocates on a mission to provide menstrual care products to those in need and educate all about periods. On November 18th, 2017, PERIOD is leading its first ever youth activism conference. It will be held in NYC and today is the last day to register! Over 150 youth chapter leaders from across the country are scheduled to be in attendance to learn about the menstrual movement around the world. They will hear from “Period Powerhouses” like our very own Kenneth Alvandi, Founder of Maxim Hygiene Products, who last year was so inspired by PERIOD’s mission that he granted the donation of over 280,000 tampons to the group, which benefited over 33,000 in need.

Show these great organizations and visionaries that you too are thankful and taking #femininetothemax by attending one of the events or buying Jennifer’s book. Read and learn more about the awesome journey we’ve all been on to bring natural menstrual care products and menstrual empowerment to all!


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