Women’s Health Wearables and Tech that Help with Periods and Pregnancy

period tracking toolsIt’s no longer enough to track your run or even your heartbeat while you run; what’s monitoring your baby’s heartbeat when you run? Women’s health wearables and tech apps have moved way beyond fitness to focus on pertinent issues like reproductive health, from tracking periods to planning pregnancies, mental health through the monitoring of stress, sweat, and sleep, and even aiding women in dangerous situations by providing a discreet alert button that can be used in emergencies like a sexual assault. Here’s a list and review of six companies making women’s health wearables and tech in a way that will empower you to understand your body in a whole new way!


There are several great mobile apps that help your track your period, PMS symptoms, and reproductive health. Our Chief Flow Rider’s favorite is Glow, a period and ovulation tracking app, available for free in the App and Play Store. An amazing resource for learning about your fertility, Glow uses data science to deliver extremely accurate period and ovulation predictions.

Having the information on hand and easily accessible has great benefits like stress free living when it comes to late periods, trying to conceive, avoiding pregnancy, having a medical history to share with your doctor, and being able to track symptoms over time and discover patterns about your body.

Beyond cycle tracking, the Glow app offers a vibrant in-app community where women of all ages regularly ask questions about health, sex and relationships. No question is too taboo, just how we like it! In support of other related beautiful life cycles, Glow also integrates three other apps: the sexual health app Eve by Glow, the pregnancy tracking app Glow Nurture, and the baby tracking Glow Baby.


This ‘wearable’ consisting of gel pads, wires, and a colorful monitor claiming to be an ‘off switch for menstrual cramps’ raised $1.2 million on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Targeting women of the world tired of spending money on ‘ineffective painkillers’ and those just miserable from period-related pains, the company created a discreet device that emits electronic pulses to distract the nerves, ultimately disrupting the pain signals being sent from the brain.

Promising results have arisen from their 163-woman trial and the media is rife with positive testimonials.  A TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machine, like the ones used by physical therapists, designed for menstrual cramps specifically, Livia operates at a lower frequency and hasn’t been shown to cause any harm. Some users have reported using the pads on areas other than their abdomen making this a potential DIY solution for period related back pain as well. We say go for it and when in need, remember, a hot water bottle normally does wonders!


The Ava bracelet, worn only at night, helps couples who are trying to conceive by tracking ovulation. The device monitors nine physiological, gathering millions of data points and wirelessly transmits the information to your smartphone. In the morning, you and your loved one can review the easy-to-read data and hop to it, should it indicate a high fertility day (or not).

Women are most likely to conceive during an average of 6 days each month, during ovulation and the 5 preceding days. This is known as your fertility window and the best time to try getting pregnant. In general, you should try to get into the habit of tracking your menstrual cycle.


Shell, the health tech startup’s first device, allows pregnant women to record, hear, and send their unborn baby’s heartbeat to friends and relatives, while also acting as a baby monitor, music player, and home monitoring device once the baby is born. Seeing the immense positive feedback to filling this gap, the founders went on to develop The Leaf, a ‘smart’ piece of jewelry that can track the user’s stress, activity, sleep, and reproductive health.

Taking wearable technology a step further, the app combines algorithms with behavior change suggestions so users understand the potential causes and address their health issues in a holistic way. Although the wearable doesn’t have sensors to monitor fertility physically, it incorporates a period tracking element. Additionally, being able to make suggestions personalized for the user based on sleep patterns and stress levels makes this product beneficial to those trying to make lifestyle changes as it allows you to consciously monitor your reaction to your environment and circumstances immediately and over time. Sounds like a good first step towards conscious living to us!


Looncup is one of the coolest and most in-depth ways of literally collecting information on your period. This smart cup, made from hypoallergenic silicone and guaranteed toxin free, tracks menstruation volume levels, including color variation via an RGB sensor, and analyzes how healthy your periods are. Based on the number and types of discrepancies it reads, insight can determine if a doctor’s visit is required.

Unlike tampons or pads, it only needs to be changed about every 12 hours; the accompanying app sends alerts to your phone when the cup is 50% and 70% full to prevent leaks. The device isn’t so much different from other menstrual cups in how it’s inserted or worn, is cheap, and eco-friendly so we say, raise your cup and pre-order yours today!


Elvie is a personal trainer for your pelvic muscles. The green erotic looking device essentially devises a customized plan for your kegels and over time, takes you through it, training your muscles to improve bladder and bowel control, without the intense pressure of lying on your back in a gym.

Five minute workouts in conjunction with an easy to follow app make it easy for any woman to train discreetly, especially for those recovering from childbirth and who are always on the move! Great for older women too, the device can help mitigate the risk of a prolapsed uterus, stave off the negative side effects of low estrogen and other consequences of age. We say grab one, keep it away from the pups and babies, and hop to it!

MaxION Pads and Liners

As part of the pioneering group of companies that put 100% cotton menstrual care products on the map, we applaud and appreciate visionaries like the creators of these futuristic women’s health wearables and tech that make #healthymenstruation all the more possible. We’ve come a long way from the belted pads, plastic and huts that used to degrade the beauty of our flow. Even ever since we were the first to launch 100% cotton menstrual pads over nine years ago, we’ve upgraded our technology based on your feedback and demand for even stronger products. Check out the latest menstrual product technology we launched just a few years ago – our MaxION pads and panty liners, infused with a strip of silver and tourmaline ions to help provide an extra layer of protection against bacteria that not only cause irritation but feminine odor too! Again, the first of it’s kind and definitely not the last of healthier products we hope to continue to bring to you in the future!






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