NOW AVAILABLE at Pharmaca and Sprouts Farmers Market

Maxim  Now Available at Sprouts and PharmacaEver since Maxim Hygiene products launched in 2008 at Natural Products Expo West, the largest natural products trade show in the world that commences every March in Anaheim, CA, our brand seems to have a natural gravitational pull towards the wild wild west. Although a NY based company, some of the largest retailers of our organic tampons and natural sanitary pads reside on the west coast.

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that California is the largest agriculture producing state in the U.S.? All of that exposure to the Vitamin D naturally produced by the endless Southern California sunny days and the year round access to one of nature’s strongest yet peaceful forces, the ocean, can’t help but possibly induce a constant state of respect for the environment and wellness, in all those that are exposed to it.

Although sometimes confined to our homes for a months at a time during the brutally cold winter season, we’re still proud earth-loving and healthy New Yorkers, especially since our home state is leading the way in creating legislation in favor of menstrual and gender equity. That being said, we’d be the first to admit that we think the west coast is the best coast in adopting organic and natural ways of living.

New West Coast Retailers

We don’t want to add any fuel to the fire of the already widely debated battles between the west coast vs. the east coast and Los Angeles vs. New York City. Quite honestly, the case could probably be made either way when it comes to organic living. We already know what one of the first arguments would be to challenge the west coast’s lead in organic standards – the first health food store in the U.S., Martindale’s Natural Market, was founded in the east coast city of Philadelphia in 1869.

Independent natural health food retailers like Martindale’s, started to emerge at a time when the first years of the Industrial Revolution contributed to man-made chemicals finding their way in to our every day household products, sparking the need for the education and regulation of products found on store shelves. It’s the spirit of these retail pioneers that really welcomed our line of organic and natural feminine hygiene products. We will forever be thankful and cater to them as we grow in to larger markets where we can also serve more people looking for healthier alternatives.

We’re excited to announce that we recently partnered with two naturally like-minded and loved chain retailers on the west coast who are now carrying your favorite Maxim Hygiene Products in all of their store locations!

For a farmer’s market style grocery and holistic pharmacy shopping experience, hurry on over to your local Pharmaca or Sprouts Farmers Market, where they care about your menstrual health. Sprouts shoppers can also enjoy extra savings this month with the $1.00 off mobile coupon we’re running this month. Sign up here to start clipping, scanning and saving all at the convenience and with the comfort of your hand held device. No scissors necessary!

And for all of our fellow east coasters, have no fear, click here to find a store near you.

Exclusive FREE PACK Offer

And just to show you that we’ve got true love for both coasts, we’re offering everyone a chance to win a FREE pack of Maxim Hygiene products. Tell your friends about our growing presence in any of your favorite neighborhood stores carrying Maxim products and we’ll send you one free pack of a Maxim product of your choice!

To qualify for this exclusive free pack offer, just Tag @maximhy on FacebookTwitter or Instagram and tell us who your favorite Maxim product retailer is, then click here to enter your information!  This offer ends August 25th, 2016 and is limited to one entry per unique email and ship to address. Here are some sample tweets and posts you’re welcome to use:

  • @sproutsfm helps me #GowithTheFlow with @maximhy #organic and #natural #menstrualhygiene products
  • @pharmacalife supports #healthymenstruation with @maximhy #organic and #natural #menstrualhygiene products
  • the #tampontruth matters that’s why I get my #organic and #natural #menstrualhygiene products from <<<insert name of retailer>>>

Do you want to see a store near you offer Maxim products? You can qualify for the free pack by telling us that too. Just make sure to tag @maximhy on FacebookTwitter or Instagram along with the name of the store you wish you could buy our products at.

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