#FWOTM: Lorraine Vontista, the feminine goddess Founder of Eagle Rock Juice Co.

LorraineMother Nature, Mother Earth, Gaia, Terra, and Parvati are all metaphoric expressions that represent female icons as the givers and sustainers of life. As women, we literally hold the birthing ground and soil for life in our wombs, making us inherently deserving of such superhuman titles. How often though do we actually take the time out to give ourselves the credit for being such powerhouses in this uniquely feminine way?! Just as importantly, how often do we give back to our goddess ways with equivalent sustenance?

The answers to these questions are exactly why we chose Lorraine Vontista, Founder of Eagle Rock Juice Co., to be our Fierce Woman of the Month. Lorraine is doing for the juicing world what our Maxim brand of organic and natural menstrual care products is doing for feminine hygiene – providing a healthy alternative for the benefit of our most sacred bodies and spirits.

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Lorraine’s feminine energy exudes not just in her general spirit but in the way in which she’s created an overall feminine, earth-loving and healthy sustainable business that taps in to our feminine fountain of life through the nourishing gardens of fruit and vegetables. Being a woman owned company has entirely shaped her company’s mission to create “PURE fresh juice, cold-pressed from the highest quality, local (when available) organic fruits and vegetables for a profit in a spotless, positive and culturally enriched environment whereby our customers and team relationships are our most valued asset.”


Lorraine’s company logo embodies this mission and her belief that “the earth provides all we need to gain the health which human beings need to live fully.” The natural earthy looking woman holding an apple in her company’s logo was inspired by a little twist to the traditional Adam and Eve bible story. It comes from the idea that Eve never offered an apple to Adam in spite of the Creator, rather she offered it to heal his wound. The woman represents taking back our gift to heal and be healed and that is exactly what she and her team are doing at their glorious shop in Los Angeles, CA where they are not just a juice bar, rather a place that offers “simple and accessible nutrient based drinks with pre-made recipes of freshly pressed juice (bottled in-house), raw blends and wheat grass.”

Juicing and cold pressed juices in particular have become a popular trend in our beloved health foods world, but Lorraine’s company’s creations come with a bit of delectable twist that makes them all the more powerful, in a #fiercewoman kind of way. Keep on reading below for an exclusive interview with Lorraine about what inspired the creation of Eagle Rock Juice and how she’s changing the world with “each choice, each moment and each breath of her life….”

At Maxim Hygiene, we define a Fierce Woman as a “glorious female creature whose idea of beauty is hinged upon the idea that she can change the world with each choice, each moment and each breath of her life.” Who in your life is a Fierce Woman and why?

I have more than one fierce woman in my life but if I had to pick one today who inspires me on the regular and that I have close contact with it would have to be Kimme McGuire. Kimme was my birth doula for both of my natural births. In fact, my first child was her first job as a doula and to date she’s assisted at least 175 mothers and babies in delivery and birth. She is a woman who I can sit with and discuss our visions for our world in concern within the ways of how women and children are perceived. Her tenderness about children and the sacredness she covets them with is contagious and brought that light to me on my delivery bed. I consider her my sister (from another mister) on a journey to transform modern civilization and to revisit and bring forth again a reverence towards women.

What does cold pressed juice mean exactly? What makes it different from regular fresh squeezed juice or other juices on the market?

Our cold-press juice is pressed using a 24,000 lb. hydraulic press to unlock vital vitamins, minerals and enzymes. This process retains the integrity of the nutrients and prolongs the shelf life allowing you to enjoy cold press juices for the 3-4 days. The juice is highly perishable because of its raw state and is not pasteurized.

Other juices are not hydraulically pressed. These common commercial juicers are called centrifugal juicers. They spin at high-speed levels and can produce up to 10-15 degrees of heat added to the fruits and vegetables, which alters their raw quality. You have to understand that once heat is added to food it is no longer truly raw to an extent. The less heat added, the better. The cold press machine we use alters the temperature about 2 degrees which is a great difference in the juicing process. So, the juice retains vital enzymes, minerals, nutrients and other undisturbed natural qualities.

What particular juice concoctions do you recommend or offer at Eagle Rock Juice Co. that are particularly beneficial to women’s health and/or common symptoms or health issues experienced by women?

Yes, I specifically offer what we call the AC (climate) V Tonic, which is, Apple Cider Vinegar, Molasses, and Bee Pollen, Fresh Juice & Filtered water. I stumbled onto this tonic after my first childbirth. I noticed my menstrual cycles have a deeper and painful impact on my body along with some insomnia, severe cramps and emotional imbalance. After some research, I discovered ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) to have been extremely effective for this condition known in the medical field as PMDD, which stands for Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. As I research more benefits of ACV, I realized it was not specific to women’s health. It is great for several health concerns, the biggest being weight loss and hormonal imbalance which are heavily recognized to be related to women’s issues but not specific to the female body. I believe that men have several unaddressed, ignored and denial of similar health concerns as women. Men can struggle with hormones and/or yeast issues just as much as women.

This tonic is also designed to support allergies, which nowadays is inevitable with the air conditions, and food culture we live in. This tonic is called Acclimate in reference to aid the constant work the body does to acclimate itself to our constant changes and demand on the body due to extreme lifestyles of dining out, travel, lack of sleep and unexamined or the lack of awareness of what is going on in our body’s constitution. This is not gender specific.

Who first taught you about the benefits of juicing?

After struggling with systemic yeast issues for an eight-year span, I studied and experimented with several food programs. I was coming to the end of my experimental research. I had heard so much on my research crusade about raw food and juice so I gave it a shot for six weeks. I followed a recipe guide called the live raw feast and I was sold. I never had so much energy and felt so clear minded in my life. I taught myself or should I say, my condition opened my eyes for the long road of health and nutrition ahead of me. I just kept going and my condition from my twenties brought me Eagle Rock Juice Co. later in life.

Do you encourage your customers to grow their own fruit and vegetable gardens? If so, have any tips on how to do so?

I’m embarrassed to say that most of my customers don’t have this conversation with me. Most of our customers are busy industry folk who don’t have time for much and love their work. Probably, just like me. Trust me, I’d love to have my own garden but right now, I leave that for my farmers because I’m learning even though as a woman I can probably do it all, but I don’t’ have to.

I don’t know about you but this post has got us pretty thirsty for some juice! Off to Eagle Rock we go!

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