"M" is for Maxim – How we got our name.

This glorious month of May had the letter “M” buzzing with posts about Menstruation, Mother’s Day, Mobile Markets and Memorial Day!

Kenneth Alvandi, Maxim Hygiene Products, Founder and CEO
Kenneth Alvandi, Maxim Hygiene Products, Founder and CEO

“M” is also the first letter of our company and brand name, Maxim Hygiene Products. Many people ask us about our name and how we came up with it. Our Founder’s spirit, story and personality says it all; he has always been about taking every aspect of his life to the max.

After immigrating to this country, with just a few hundred dollars in his pocket, it was his determination to provide “the greatest value attainable” (definition of maximum according to our good friend “Webster”) for his family that drove him to work hard and fulfill the “American Dream.” One of the many businesses he started from scratch to fulfill this dream was a distribution company that started as just a few products he stored and loaded up on a truck and delivered from store to store himself. Eventually, this small business turned into a full warehouse of products being distributed across the country.

From there, when he learned one of his suppliers of feminine hygiene products was selling their manufacturing facility, his “maximum” driven personality led him to venture into manufacturing, where he spent fifteen years making conventional tampons and pads for other brands. During this time, he learned a lot about the ingredients and some of the negative effects they were having on women’s health and the environment. So, yet again, his “maximum” driven personality kicked in and he decided he wanted to do something that would take our bodies, earth and health to the max, which is what became our founding philosophy. The first products he started working on were “maxi” pads, the popular name given to what others also call sanitary pads, napkins, towels, or just plain old pad or “rag” for slang.

Logo Blank

He was so inspired by the great first maxi pad product he developed that he decided to call what was to be the first 100% cotton sanitary pad brand to launch in the U.S., Maxim – a maxi pad with the most maximum benefits – made with 100% cotton, chlorine free, and hypoallergenic!

The tampons and cosmetic accessories followed the pads shortly thereafter for our official launch in May 2008. These days Ken’s back at it again with the new innovative technology MaxION products we recently launched.

Natural Cotton MaxION Pads (Group)

We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. Let us know what product you’d like him to work on next and we’ll make sure he gets the memo.


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