The Explorer’s History

My curiosity takes me to some interesting places sometimes. I blame it on the nightly bedtime readings of Curious George during my childhood years. If I had my way and I’m sure the same is true for many of you out there I’d quit my job and explore the world until each ounce of curiosity was juiced out of me. Well, I did quit my job (my last job) and now I’m exploring the world in a different kind of way….

Eight months ago, my father, the founder of Maxim Hygiene Products, offered me the biggest career opportunity of my life when he asked me to join him on his new business venture in creating a line of Organic and Natural Cotton Personal Care Products.

I really had no idea what I was getting in to, but my instinct, conviction and of course curiosity led me to sign up. So, here I am, with no background in business, but with the backing of a great product and the hunger to fill my curiosities.

Since the start, the discoveries have been endless and too good not to put in writing…

This blog is an exploration of the eco-feminine-business world through my unique career position in developing a green feminine hygiene company with my own and the company’s founding father (who is dying to be an Explorer Contributor, but I’m not sure what Explorer title to give him yet). This is a place for us to exchange our curiosities and experiences about topics ranging from anything and everything, product related or not related, but mostly related to the following:

  • feminine issues
  • greening our world
  • all the funny and not so funny moments we have here at the Maxim headquarters
  • getting to know the people behind your products and how and why we do what we do both outside and inside the office.

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