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In some ways you could say the Maxim brand has been twenty five years in the making considering our Founding Father' story, so you can be sure we know our stuff when it comes to making an ultra usable product that meets the needs of your Body, Earth and Health.

Product Performance

It’s not easy creating a natural product that performs the same as its conventional counterpart, at least when it comes to one of many of our users’ main concerns - absorbency. The difference in materials used in Maxim products requires different production techniques and machinery, but that doesn’t have to mean a compromise in performance. So have no fear! – Switching from your preferred conventional brand to the Maxim brand does not mean you’ll have to worry about the possibility of leaks.

We’ve even got the tests to prove it. Here’s our favorite test of them all – it’s technically called the Syngina Test, but we like to jokingly call it the Condom Test (see the photo…notice the condoms used).

 Maxim's Absorption test machinery


The Syngina test is an artificial device used to simulate the natural environment of a vagina. We use the Syngina Test to test tampon absorbency. All Maxim tampons pass Syngina Tests for absorbency capacity. Absorbency rates amongst all tampons sold in the U.S. are regulated and must abide by the absorbency standards of the following chart:

US Absorbency Name EU Absorbency Name Absorbency Range  
Regular Mini 6 - 9 grams  
Super Normal 9 - 12 grams  
Super Plus Super 12 - 15 grams  


Technology and Expertise

We are consistently investing in new research and leading edge technology to keep our products at the top of the marketplace. So, not only are the materials we use in Maxim products different, but the machines used to build these products are more advanced as well.

In fact, at one of our manufacturing facilities, we have a machine that was designed exclusively for our unique product line. This machine was developed internally and a patent is pending on the actual machine.


Maxim's Machinery

This photo was taken during one of our latest visits to the manufacturing plant to help give you a better idea of how and where your products are made.

It is also important to note that our company does not support or engage in any animal testing in the manufacturing, development and testing of our products.


Our Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Facilities


Our value for the environment is most evident in the organic and natural materials used to make our products, but it is also enforced on every level of the manufacturing process and facility in the following ways:

- Recycled or recyclable packaging.

- We recycle all the scrap iron, cardboard, paper and organic refuse generated by our facilities.

- Our one of a kind machines were made to utilize less energy and are more productive than other standard machines, yielding higher productivity, while being all the more energy efficient.

- Clearly labeled recycling bins are set up around our offices to remind our employees to stay environmentally conscious even on the smallest level.

- Rain water storage and collection initiatives using rain water to fill the toilet water refill system and water the garden and land around our manufacturing site.