Organic Cardboard Applicator Tampons, Regular

“Maxim Hygiene’s 100% organic cotton tampons look and work just like your conventional tampons, but Maxim Hygiene tampons don’t have any of those harmful chemicals that pollute your body and our earth. Make and Feel the difference with Maxim Hygiene Organic Tampons.”


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Benefits of Maxim Hygiene's Organic Cotton Tampons:

  • Made with 100% Certified Organic Cotton: What looks like cotton in other tampons is not always 100% Cotton. It is usually a blend of Wood Pulp and Synthetics, like Rayon and Viscose. Cotton is a more naturally breathable fiber that’s better for your Body, Earth and Health!
  • Certified by the Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute (ICEA): These cotton tampons are organic certified, which means Maxim Hygiene has been approved by strict inspection agencies for using safe, non-toxic methods and materials that protect the environment and our health.
  • Chlorine Free: Chlorine Free Tampons means we don’t use chlorine bleaching to whiten and disinfect the raw materials used to make Maxim Hygiene tampons. This makes these organic tampons dioxin free, keeping away known carcinogens from our most intimate body parts.
  • Hypoallergenic: These hypoallergenic tampons are irritation free because of the breathable qualities of 100% cotton. That means no more itching, even for those with sensitive skin.
  • Synthetic Free: For a Softer, Irritation Free, Plastic-less feel and Real Breathable Cotton Experience
  • Biodegradable: These biodegradable tampons decompose easily for less waste.
  • Fragrance Free: All of our organic tampons are fragrance free to help prevent the risk of irritation.
  • Cardboard Applicator: Designed with a smooth and rounded tip to make tampon insertion comfortable and easy.
  • Finger Grip Grooves: Make it easier to keep tampon steady and properly placed during insertion.
  • Individually Wrapped in Biodegradable Cellulose Paper: For your health safety and carrying convenience.
  • Security Veil: Keeps fibers in tact and prevents cotton fibers from shredding and staying inside the body, especially during tampon removal.
  • Recommended Use: Light - Regular Flow Days.
  • Count: 16 Pieces

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