Health Educational Tips

As a responsible manufacturer, Maxim Hygiene Products' first priority is to keep the public educated about topics related to the products available on the shelves versus the safe products that we are offering. We believe an educated individual can make a better product choice that will keep our bodies, earth and health safe from harms.

The following Presentations and Topic Links are provided for your educational benefit:

What is the benefits of Organic Cotton?
            Organic Cotton versus Regular Cotton  (MS Power Point Presentation)
            Risks in Using Conventional Products   (MS Power Point Presentation)

What is Toxic Shock Syndrom?

             Risks in Using Tampons  (MS Power Point Presentation)

Tampons - Safety Tips:

            General Tampon Safety Tips 

Tampons Direction of Use:

            Cardboard Applicator Tampons              (Acrobat PDF Presentation)
            Compact Plastic Applicator Tampons   (Acrobat PDF Point Presentation)
            Non-Applicator Tampons                          (Acrobat PDF Point Presentation)

Other Educational Links:
            Natural Ways to Manage Your Menstrual Cycle Through Diet  
            Health Related Encyclopedia
            Teenagers' Health Information
            Sex Education 
            Women's Health Information 
            General Health Information

If you know of any other sites with useful information for public education, please send us the link and we will add them to the links section of our website.