About Us

Maxim Hygiene Products, is a medium size family run company, not a faceless multi-national manufacturing giant. We believe in and support quality products and services, particularly Personal Hygiene Products that offer true health and lifestyle benefits. We value honesty and integrity along with professionalism in all our dealings.

We try to focus on putting something back and helping rather than just looking to the bottom line, that’s why I decided to produce and promote Maxim Body, Earth, and Health products, rather than the products I used to produce and sell in my past businesses; Read more about my story by clicking here.

I encourage all readers to think about this and whether you could also make a worthwhile change in your lifestyle that will help strengthen our world and community. Many people are aware that there needs to be an attitudinal change in the way businesses think and act today. Each one of us can facilitate that change by being proactive. If you feel strongly about something a company is doing, let them know - the good as well as the bad. Write, fax or send an email today, but put it in writing. And if you can help others or organizations in time or money, make that step towards doing something positive today and making our community a better place.

We all have one run through in life and we need to 'make it a good one'. Increase your fun and pleasure quotient, smile and laugh more. Every day, smell a rose, pat a dog, help an older person, call a friend. Give someone praise. Appreciate beauty in nature and show appreciation to everyone around you. Your work world isn't going to fall over because you make time to do these things. Think in a sunny and positive way. Make every day count as a great day.

Good Health!

Kenneth Alvandi, CEO
Maxim Hygiene Products

Maxim Hygiene’s comprehensive line of Organic Tampons, Natural Menstrual Pads, Natural and Organic Cotton Panty Liners, Natural Maternity Pads, Organic Cotton Balls, Rounds, and Swabs are designed to keep you Soft, Safe, and Natural. See all of our Natural and Organic Feminine Hygiene products here.