Ten Tips for Natural Eye Health

From mascaras to eyeliners, anti-wrinkle creams and exfoliating wipes, our eyes and the surrounding skin face some pretty harsh conditions. If the wind isn’t wiping at our eyes, dirty fingers are. Chemicals from eye creams and cleansers can easily enter our eyes (and sting), rough towels exacerbate dry skin sensitivity, and long hours in front […]

Our New Travel Pack: A 3-in-1 Item For All of Our Cosmetic Needs!

It’s almost certain that when we ladies are traveling, that we’ll end up leaving something behind. Last weekend it was my tweezers – I had to go to my Alumni holiday event with an angry Kahlo-esque unibrow. Last month? My nail polish remover and cotton pads. I cannot even count the number of Aunties that […]