Repair + Repurpose: The Two Rs Missing from the Recycling Rhyme

“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” That’s the mantra we’ve been chanting since kindergarten, but in an age of consumerism where Forever 21 releases new clothing lines every three weeks and the average American spends over $20 on morning coffee each week, we’ve forgotten how to live responsibly. The two R’s missing from our recycling rhyme are – Repair […]

5 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day, Any Day

BE BOLD FOR CHANGE. That’s the motto for this year’s International Women’s Day and we’ve figured out five beautiful ways to help women, around the world and close to home, any day and every day. 1. Donate Your Used Clothes & Fund a Girl’s Education Simultaneously get rid of some of your winter clothing in […]

The Women’s March on Washington: A Fight for the Marginalized

As Donald Trump struts towards inauguration, a million or more women will gather in D.C. the day after, to mark his first day of presidency in protest and state to his cabinet and the world, that women’s rights are human rights. That is the moral of The Women’s March on Washington, a protest that has […]

A Birthday and Menstrual Hygiene Day Gift That Will Benefit Over 33,000 Women

We’re closing out this menstrual madness of a month with a HUGE announcement in honor of our birthday, this Saturday’s Menstrual Hygiene Day and to take our #FierceWomenFunded initiative to the max! Maxim Hygiene Donates 280,000 Tampons to Camions of Care Just last week we delivered and donated over 280,000 tampons to Camions of Care, […]

5 Non-Traditional #FierceWoman Ways to Honor the Tradition of Thanksgiving

All year long our blog looks to inspire the #FierceWoman spirit in you, encouraging you to be the beacons of light, change-makers and leaders of your communities. Whether it be to start a new health-oriented business like July’s #FWOTM Lorraine Vontista or running the London marathon with a taboo-breaking purpose like August’s #FWOTM Kiran Gandhi did, […]

5 Bloody Good Halloween Costume Ideas

The past couple of weeks we’ve been reporting to you on some serious blog topics. In the spirit of Halloween and what is shaping up to be the year of the period, it’s definitely time to have a little fun! We’ve got some humorous menstrual related Halloween costume ideas that won’t just give you a […]

#FWOTM: Fran Drescher Gearing Up for the 2015 Women’s Health Summit in Los Angeles

Known to many teens of the nineties and Millenials as the effervescent caretaker with the beloved yet absurdly satirical Long Island drawl, the nanny, has seriously pushed the envelope in a lot of ways you may have missed in the last decade. Fran Drescher has become a significant force in the realm of advocacy for women’s […]

DIY Health-Oriented Mother's Day Gift Guide

This year for Mother’s Day instead of buying mom (or grandma, or aunt, or whoever is a mother figure in your life) a gift, why not reconnect with your inner child and make her something like you used to? She will surely appreciate the extra effort and will cherish your present that much more. At Maxim […]

Celebrate Women this Presidents' Day

Presidents’ Day is a holiday that is celebrated in the United States on the third Monday in February. It was created in 1885 and was originally coined as Washington’s Birthday to honor the first President of the Nation and it was meant to be celebrated on February 22nd, Washington’s birthdate. In 1971 the government decided […]

Can you feed the love tonight? Healthy Valentine’s Day Foods

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is often filled with candy, chocolates and sinful eating. If one of your New Years resolutions was to eat better, do a detox, or perhaps workout more, then you might want to stop and reconsider if you really want to blow all of your hard efforts just for one day […]