3 New Products for Babies and New Moms with Sensitive Skin

new-product-swabs-pleasts-nursingOur company was created almost nine years ago by a dad and his daughter who were on a mission to service women whom they could understand because of the women that comprised their own family – gals with sensitive skin who range in age from 24 – 55 and have a deep passion for women’s health and protecting the environment. They started with organic and natural menstrual care and beauty aid products to cover the average woman’s most basic needs and target what they thought would have the biggest impact. As our Founders’ and Maxim’s families have grown, so has our product development team, with our latest launch in to a new category of products for babies and new moms with sensitive skin. One of the new products’ packaging even features our Founders’ granddaughter and niece!

Now you can get all the same product benefits you are used to getting with Maxim for new moms and babies too! The same pure cotton alternative with no chlorine bleaching, added fragrances or synthetics, and that’s better for the environment!

baby swabs

Organic Cotton Baby Swabs

This new product is secretly one of our favorites of the group, not only because it features a smiley picture of a member of our own Maxim family, but because it’s uniquely designed to protect a baby’s most precious ears, even moreso than a standard swab.

Just like it says in our name, hygiene is important to us, to the MAXIMum degree, even when it comes to cleaning small and sometimes neglected body parts, like ears or hard to reach crevices of a body that swabs are often used for. That’s why we recommend an ear cleaning routine that uses the softest and purest form of cotton. What looks like cotton in other products, is not always 100% cotton. Use our certified organic cotton tipped swabs not only for the softest touch but also to keep unwanted pesticides and chemicals away from freshly cleaned ears and our beloved environment!

If you’ve ever tried to clean a fidgety baby’s ears, you’ll understand why we created a more protective version of our already loved standard organic cotton swabs. Our new baby swabs are designed with a uniquely double padded tip to prevent the swab from going too deep in to the ear canal. Get the same soft and safe organic clean, with an even softer and safer touch! For maximum protection, we strongly recommend using swabs on the outer ear only and taking your baby to a pediatrician for any major wax build up in the inner ear. It’s actually quite hygienic to have a little wax build up in the ear to help ward off germs from entering the ear, which gives you even more reason to be gentle on the ears.

Organic Cotton Cleansing Pleats

Organic Cotton Cleansing Pleats

Just like cleaning out a baby’s ears, bathing can also be rough on a baby’s delicate skin. And just like we suggested taking it easy on wiping away ear wax, it’s best to do the same when it comes to bathing. It’s highly recommended not to wash a newborn every day. On those days that you do get to take on this adorable task, other than having your camera handy, make sure to have our new organic cotton wash cloths handy! They make for a gentle alternative, not only for washing a baby, but also for you. They are great for wiping away your makeup from the day (that is if your newborn even gave you a chance to put some on), applying ointments or removing nail polish.

What’s most convenient about these organic cotton cleansing pleats is you can tear off as much or as little as you’d like and they’re perforated for a variety of different uses. Each pleat is thick and absorbent, yet fluffy and gentle on the skin. They also stay strong when wet, making bath time all the more fun!

Natural Cotton Disposable Nursing Pads

Natural Cotton Disposable Nursing Pads

Last but not least, although as a new mom you might be used to sadly coming last, we want to make sure you’re protected too! That’s why we suggest tossing those lumpy synthetic laden nursing pads you might have gotten from the hospital for our pure cotton alternative.

Breastfeeding keeps babies well nourished but almost every new mother comes across some difficulties along the way that can lead to sore and sensitive nipples and sometimes even infections for baby and mom. Day or night and breastfeeding or not, most new moms will also experience breast milk leaks. Maxim Disposable Nursing Pads are made to help ensure a smooth and comfortable nursing experience. Stay dry, soft and discreet with a ready supply of absorbent and breathable nursing pads to tuck inside your bra. Made with 100% chlorine free cotton through and through, you can rest assure that the natural hypoallergenic qualities of pure cotton will be gentle on tender nipples and no chlorine bleaching will keep chemicals away from baby and you!

Let us know what you think about our new for baby and you products. Even better, send us a pic of your cuties and you using them. Who knows? Maybe you’ll land on the face of our next new products’ packaging. We’ve got quite a few up our sleeve getting ready to launch before the end of the year so we could totally use the inspiration!

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