A Birthday and Menstrual Hygiene Day Gift That Will Benefit Over 33,000 Women

It's Our 8th AnniversaryWe’re closing out this menstrual madness of a month with a HUGE announcement in honor of our birthday, this Saturday’s Menstrual Hygiene Day and to take our #FierceWomenFunded initiative to the max!

Maxim Hygiene Donates 280,000 Tampons to Camions of Care

Just last week we delivered and donated over 280,000 tampons to Camions of Care, a youth-run global nonprofit that manages and celebrates menstrual hygiene through advocacy, education and the distribution of feminine hygiene products to women in need. Our donation will help serve over 33,000 women across the globe and triples the total number of packages the organization has already given away in the two years since its launch.

Menstrual Hygiene Day was created as a global platform for all the awesome and growing number of organizations out there, like Camions of Care, that are raising awareness for good menstrual hygiene management practices. Together, we are creating a stronger force behind breaking the taboo around menstruation and providing opportunities for women and girls to function in society without feeling set back by their periods.

One of the reasons why we created our #FierceWomenFunded initiative was to keep this sentiment alive year round. We wanted to involve other realms of supporting women’s health beyond just our Maxim Hygiene brand of organic and natural feminine hygiene products, which officially hit shelves eight years ago this month (happy birthday to us!).

Since the establishment of our blog as the main vehicle of our voice for healthy and empowered living , Maxim Hygiene has been featuring the stories of other fierce women who are at the forefront of creating positive change,  and as of this year, we’re now funding them too! In addition to our non-profit partners for women’s empowerment and in the spirit of our mantra for the year, we want to encourage others to use their voice to request what they need to “change the world with each choice, each moment, and each breath of your life”

The Fierce Woman of Camions of Care

A Donation Benefiting 33,000 Women
Nadya Okamoto, the Founder of Camions of Care, is doing just that and when her request for a donation came across our Founder’s desk, the combination of divine timing, a caring heart and pure inspiration, led him to make the largest donation our company’s ever been involved with. The biggest clincher to Nadya’s story is that she herself was once the one in need when her mom lost her job and her family became homeless.

In the midst of this tough time she refused to get down. Instead, she decided to volunteer and bring menstrual care packages to others who were in need. She tells the story well in this recent Ted Talk she gave, along with the other facts and reasons she presents about why it’s important to make sure “everyone everywhere” has access to feminine hygiene products. The beauty of it all is she’s proof of how it actually does work; her family is back in their home, she has a thriving non-profit and this Fall she’ll be attending Harvard as a freshman on a full ride! And the best part is she’s not stopping at that!

While in school, Nadya will continue to advocate and lead Camions of Care, and be continuing to coordinate with the staff and Youth Executive Team as they continue to make an impact. In the last two years, their network of over 1800 volunteers have distributed over 14,000 care packages of feminine hygiene products to its partners in 12 different states and 9 different countries. In light of our recent donation, we think she might need to plan for more!

What you can do in celebration of our Birthday and Menstrual Hygiene Day?

Menstrual Hygiene Day

Feeling just as inspired by Nadya’s story as we are? It’s your lucky week because our partners in Menstrual Hygiene Day have a week long line up of events scheduled around the world leading up to the big day! Browse MHD’s list of events here. Can’t find anything in your neighborhood? No worries, create an event of your own and then submit it here so others can join ya!

In addition to May being a special time for women’s health and menstrual hygiene, it’s also our birthday! We wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for eight long and splendid years of serving your organic and natural menstrual hygiene needs! We couldn’t think of a better way of celebrating than giving back to our growing community of fierce women. We know how much help and flexing of our voices it took to get us to where we are today so we always look for opportunities to provide some support for other up and coming organizations.

We hope you will join us in doing the same. Below is a recap of a list of other non-profits that we’ve featured via our #FierceWomenFunded series so far. Before making your next purchase of Maxim Hygiene Products at our online store, make sure to read a little about each one of them. When you’ve found one you like, just enter their associated coupon code at check out and not only will we make a 10% of sale donation to that organization, but you’ll also get 10% off:

Days For Girls – Donation/Coupon Code: DAYSFORGIRLS

Girls Helping Girls Period and Support the Girls – Donation/Coupon Code: MEQUITY

Global Grassroots – Donation/Coupon Code: GLOBALGR

#HappyPeriod – Donation/Coupon Code: HAPPYPERIOD

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