Who Will Be The #FierceWomen of 2016? – YOU Nominate, YOU Win

Next-Fierce-WAaaah, as we wind down the first week of the new year, we’re feeling empowered and ready for all the great new possibilities and exciting initiatives we’ll be unraveling in 2016. How can we not be optimistic after one of the most exciting years in Maxim and menstrual hygiene activism history?!

Last year’s Fierce Women truly captured the magic of 2015 and all that we stand for as a company – empowering women to make healthy lifestyle choices. We can’t wait to share with you the inspiring stories of the all the women we have lined up for 2016!

In the spirit of our 2016 mantra, “Exercising your feminine voice,” we’d like to share our fierce woman platform with you by giving your voice the opportunity to nominate any women in your lives who live according to our fierce woman philosophy and who have a unique story to be shared here on our blog’s fierce woman series.

We come across fierce women all the time and already have a few lined up for 2016, but this year we’re doing two things differently with our monthly features in order to take our new year intention to the max!

  • We left a few spots open for women you’d like to see featured on our company blog. So click here to submit your choices for consideration. Anybody who submits a nominee will receive an EXCLUSIVE 35% OFF coupon code to our online store* and if your nominee gets chosen and featured on our blog, you’ll receive a year’s supply of your choice of Maxim products.**


  • We’re committing to donating 10% of our online stores’ sales every month to a charity chosen by each fierce woman featured in that month; we usually have eleven fierce women per year which means eleven unique charities will get funded! It’s a practice we implemented back in 2011 when we helped support the dream of our first ever featured fierce woman, which was to create a non-profit to raise awareness for TSS. Again, in the spirit of our new year intention, why should we decide where to channel our values for social action and corporate giving? We’re going to let YOU exercise your feminine voice by choosing the fierce women who you think have the most charitable causes and intentions because YOUR VOICE counts. Just in case the fierce women we choose don’t have any associated charities or would like some suggestions, we’ll be announcing a few charities we like in an upcoming post.

So, have somebody in mind? Want to know more about what it means to be a fierce woman? It may not be what you think because we’re redefining the term fierce, just like we did with Maxim and organic tampons. Read more about our fierce woman philosophy and the stories of the fierce women we featured in months past for inspiration.

And at this time, we’ll take another “aaaah,” like we did at the start of this post, because it feels good to be already fulfilling our new year resolution via all that we just shared with you here. We can’t wait for you to join us in this breath of fresh air in the new year.


*Limited to one time use and one entry per unique email and ship to address. Coupon can not be combined with any other offers, is not valid on shipping charges, not applicable to prior or pending orders and no adjustments can be made on previous purchases.

**Limited to one entry per per unique email and ship to address. A year’s supply of product is equivalent to twelve packs of product.

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