Your Menstrual Cycle and the Moon

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Today’s society is very contradictory when it comes to women and their health. On one hand, you are constantly told to go to the doctor, get your breasts checked, and take your vitamins. On the other hand, you are expected to be able to juggle work, family and friends all at the same time, virtually leaving you with only a few hours of sleep and perhaps one or two hours to yourself in the day, if you’re lucky.

Due to this constant imbalance, it is only normal that you lose touch with your inner goddess and understanding of your connection to Mother Nature. In the past women were in sync with nature, and especially with their periods. When women menstruated in the past it was known as “Moon Time” which was a very fitting name, seeing as moon cycles last 29.5 days, and women’s menstrual cycles generally last around 28 to 29.5 days.

Before the industrial revolution, women often ovulated around the full moon and menstruated around the new moon. Most women in today’s society, unfortunately, do not follow this same cycle naturally, and often ovulate during the new moon and even menstruate during the full moon, throwing the body out of balance. For a better understanding of the cycles of the moon, see the picture below.

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This connection between the moon and the menstrual cycle is not as widely discussed as it could be, because people often see it as taboo or silly. We have been wired as a society to believe that we should control our bodies with man-made medicines like the pill. At Maxim Hygiene we believe that women should not only use natural feminine products, but natural methods to get in sync with their bodies, so syncing your period up with the moon is a great way to start.

The first step to getting your period back on track with the cycle of the moon is to figure out when you ovulate. These easy to use period tracking apps can help you with this. The second step is paying close attention to your lifestyle habits, like what time you generally go to bed and wake up, what you eat, and even how much light filters into your bedroom. Ideally, you want as little artificial light in your room as possible (computer screens, cell phones and alarm clocks are all culprits of this artificial light!), so try to shut down your devices or cover them up with something while you sleep.

As for your diet, there are different kinds of foods that are recommended to be eaten at different stages of your menstrual cycle. Check out this article for advice on what those foods are and if you want your menstrual cycle to be synced up with the moon.

Syncing your menstrual cycle to the cycles of the moon will not be easy, but after a few months you should start to feel more in tune with nature as well as alleviate any uncomfortable symptoms you may currently experience during your period. This in turn, will help you stay on your “A-game” and help you keep being the fierce woman you are!

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