Find Love with Self-Love on Valentine’s Day

We’ve all heard the saying, “Love Yourself Before You Can Love Another.” There are some who strongly disagree with this saying and others who stand by it as tightly as a bride and groom embrace each other on their wedding day. Here’s a hilarious (and BEWARE, somewhat graphic) perspective on this ongoing debate that recently went viral for outlining ten things your single friends are tired of hearing – “You can’t be happy in a relationship unless you’re happy with yourself first” is #2 on the list!

Based on the overwhelming response this story got, we’re thinking there are a plethora of fierce women in love with themselves and looking for love or not.

to love oneself is the start to a long romanceWherever you’re self-love barometer may be, there will be plenty of ladies without Valentine’s Day plans this year and just because you don’t have a boyfriend or lover doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to celebrate. Here are some sure fire ways for all the “single ladies” (we love that tune by Beyonce) to feel the love during this very romantic holiday. So, turn the beat up and have fun!

Perfume-Filled-Locket-with-Customizable-Perfume-R.jpg.492x0_q85_crop-smart1. Jewelry and perfume seem to be popular Valentine’s Day gifts. Here’s a fun DIY perfume necklace published by TreeHugger that will make for a fun V-Day activity and keep you smelling great, naturally! So when you do find your lover, he’ll love giving you sweet kisses on your neck just to get a whiff of your refreshing non-toxic fragrance odor.

bath bomb recipe2. Create a relaxing spa environment for the evening. Dim the lights, light some candles, and play some Sade while you prepare this luscious DIY Rose Vanilla Bath Bomb recipe. Once prepared, fill up your tub, drop in the bombs and make some bubbles the adult way, with a glass of bubbly (slang for champagne). You’ll have your body romanced in no time!

letter to self3. Now that your body’s relaxed, let’s get your mind in the mood with a love letter, to yourself!! Us women, love fantasy and romance. We can’t deny it. I mean remember the craze over the popular erotica book, Fifty Shades of Grey? Well, here’s your chance to serenade yourself with all the love you ever wanted and dreamed for yourself. So pick up a pen and start writing in red about whatever gets you in the mood or makes you feel good about you. Writing and journaling are highly recommended therapeutic mind exercises which is why we also created these writing exercises that will help you deal with the crazy emotions that some experience with PMS.

lipstick art4. Your senses are now hopefully HOT, ignited and ready for your big romantic V-Day kiss; oh but, yeah, how can we forget, you’re missing a lover to kiss! No worries!! You know that empty wall in your house that you’ve been wanting to decorate? Here’s your chance to kill two birds with one stone – kiss your walls away with this DIY Lipstick Art Inspiration.

give5. At this point, if you’ve followed the above steps and are still not feeling the self-love, let’s try another age old adage –“give love, to get love.” Ok, so you don’t have a lover, but you must have friends?! Friends who might also be lonely in love on Valentine’s Day. So brighten up their day by giving them some love. Being that we’re a health oriented company if you’re thinking of giving gifts, we challenge you to give something healthy and uplifting, like these 10 Non-Candy Valentine Ideas, instead of the typical chocolate treats.

After writing this post, we’re definitely feeling the love more than usual, which is why we’re ready to give with 15% Off all Maxim Hygiene products for a limited time only. So head on over to the Maxim Hygiene online store to treat your vagina with some holiday love in the form of healthy and eco-friendly organic and natural feminine hygiene products.

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