6 At Home DIY Summer Spa Remedies

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

Along with the beautiful days of summer, ocean escapades and nighttime walks come chapped lips, sweat, oily skin, and frizzy hair. The list is endless. But we have six remedies to make you the fairest, most beautiful of them all…again.

We girls have it rough in the hot weather. Battling humidity and sweat leaves us re-doing our makeup and hair every ten minutes that we’re outside. God forbid we look as composed and dainty in nature as we do in front of our bathroom mirrors.

Now, of course, there are several ways to deal with summer’s vengeance on our beauty, but who has the money to be visiting spas every week?! We’ve found six excellent spa remedies that can be done at home, made with natural ingredients and found in your refrigerator or around the house! Just make sure you and your family have already have lunch before you start — most of these mixtures sound like gourmet recipes for deliciousness.

Here are our six greatest tips for beautifying yourself at home:

1. If you’ve been swimming, in the ocean or the pool, chances are your locks are a bit dry and suffering from a bit of salt and chlorine buildup. Try this Citrus Lift mix of grapefruit, orange, and lemon juice with carbonated soda to remove the buildup. Add sage oil to restore shine, but not before leaving some extra for a cocktail or an ice pop later on.

2. Need a clean, soft and long lasting hair removal treatment before baring it all in your new mini skirt or biking? Try Parissa’s award-winning, “Fits All Your Bits,” natural wax. Getting waxed is one of the most costly beauty remedies. Waxing at home is just as efficient, and much, much cheaper! We love Parissa products because their’s less mess and they are natural – their ingredients range from tea tree oil to chamomile and lavender! Their website offers FAQ, tips & tricks, and instructional videos!

3. Try this mask made of strawberries, honey, egg whites, and cornmeal to deal with oilier skin and help fight breakouts. This is especially great for skin patches that are prone to angry zits. Be warned — eat beforehand, because this mix may be tempting.

4. Apple Pie Skin Polish. Yes, for your body — not your mouth. This recipe, courtesy of the Ritz Carlton Spa, uses many of the ingredients in an apple pie — cinnamon, brown sugar, and apple sauce. Apples are high in potassium and vitamins A & C. They also contain malic acid, an exfoliating enzyme that is great for removing dead skin cells and surface dirt.

5. Everyone loves the creamy texture of avocados; many women love avocados on their face! Rich in nutrients and deliciously creamy, avocados are a great ingredient for home made hand and face cream! Mix some cold cream, yogurt, honey, aloe vera gel and avocado in your blender to create this hydrating facial mask. Paint on with a brush and sit for 20 minutes relishing the feeling. (Warning: Don’t go in front of small children or little dogs).

6. Peppermint Lip Scrub — This scrub is literally lip-licking good, or finger licking good depending on how you apply it. Lip scrubs are wonderful for getting rid of the dead skin on chapped lips and revitalize the skin underneath. This scrub can give Lush a run for its money. But consider making a bit extra — the sugar falls off easily (or gets eaten)!

For many more fun (and tantalizingly tasty recipes) check out the Spa Index. They have recipes for things like: Blueberry Toner, a Beer Hair Rinse, Chocolate Bubble Bath, and Soapsicles!

The girls at Maxim definitely love trying this stuff out — we’re weary of chemicals and their short and long term effects on our bodies and health. Organic, home made products are much safer and less likely to produce unwanted results. There’s a phrase – don’t put on your body what you wouldn’t ingest.

Our tampons and other products are natural and organic too – no chemicals — so consider what you’re putting in your body next time you get your period.

Summer is coming to an end so try these  great summer spa remedies while you can and let us know how it goes!

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