Modern Day Sexist Bullying

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Most of us have memories of the “good old” days when most of our social development happened out on the school playground; some fond and others brutal, both in years later resulting in nostalgic smiles or painful scars. These days, as we spend less time outdoors and more time in front of our computers, tablets and phones, we are experiencing different sorts of scars and smiles.

As parents and grown adults, we prefer the smiles over the scars, so what can we do as fierce women to avoid the scars? Here’s an inspiring account from our fierce friend Laura Gontchar at Celebrate Woman Today, on how she suggests we deal with modern day sexist bullying off and online….

In a playground the other day, I saw a big 12-year-old boy screaming at an 8-year-old girl because she fell trying to cross a horizontal ladder. As she picked herself up, pride undimmed, ready to have another go at it, the boy and two of his friends surrounded her with taunts and insults, saying the worst thing they could think of –”you’re a girl, you’re just a girl”.

The dad of one of the boys was sitting on the park bench nearby, reading his iPhone. I asked him to intervene, as the girl was in tears. “Boys will be boys,” he said, and he buried his face back into the glass screen in his hand.

When I intervened myself, pulling the frightened girl into my arms as I knelt beside her, wiping away her tears, the biggest boy continued, “You are just a sissy just like her.”

What are we doing that we are raising boys like this – the same kind that humiliated the woman bus monitor in New York a short time ago – boys so proud of their “male bravery” they posted it on YouTube for all to see?

To read the rest of the story, click here.

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