A Gift of Love: from Maxim Hygiene to You ARE Loved

As I sat down to write this post today, I took a look down blog post lane to refresh my memory on when I first posted about the topic of today’s entry; ironically enough, it was exactly a year ago today in a post that captured a new beginning and inspiration here at Maxim Hygiene with the piece entitled “The Queen Bee Is Back To Making Honey.” Today’s post was originally scheduled to go up on Sunday, October 16, 2011, the day Amy Elifritz (the shining star of our upcoming announcement and previously featured campaign) would have turned 22, but I couldn’t help myself, given the coincidence in dates. Here’s to an early birthday gift!

In May 2011 Maxim Hygiene launched a Social Responsibility Campaign that called on women everywhere to learn about and help in the development of You ARE Loved, a non profit dedicated to Toxic Shock Awareness (TSS) and Menstruation Education. You ARE Loved  was founded by Lisa Elifritz (a previously featured Maxim Hygiene fierce woman) after her 20 year old daughter, Amy, passed away from TSS (the ARE in You ARE Loved represents Amy Rae Elifritz’s initials).

TSS is a potentially fatal illness caused by bacterial toxin called staphylococcus aureus and streptococcus pyogenes. There are many underlying causes associated with the proliferation of these bacterial toxins, one of which is a major concern to Maxim Hygiene – the use of tampons made with synthetic fibers. What looks like cotton in some tampons is not always 100% cotton, rather a blend of synthetics, like rayon and viscose, materials that can not only cause TSS, but a slew of other health and environmental risk factors of concern to Maxim Hygiene, like irritation. Extensive research shows that the use of organic cotton tampons like those produced by Maxim Hygiene are less likely to cause TSS.

As part of our continued commitment to women’s health, Maxim Hygiene will be donating a percentage of product sales to You ARE Loved through the end of the year. The campaign name, A Gift of Love, represents the significance of the campaign launch date, the sentiment between both organizations’ personal missions and their collaboration on changing the way women think about their periods.

This gift marks the celebration of You ARE Loved’s achievements since the initiation of our campaign and our commitment to not only offering women premium quality products, but upholding its homegrown values for Body, Earth and Health matters.

Amy’s life was a gift of love to those who knew her and Lisa’s life is about sharing that love through her work with You ARE Loved by saving others’ lives. As a father and daughter owned company we understand the perplexity behind this mother and daughter inspired team and given the philosophy and values of our company I’m sure you can understand why we have been so touched, moved and inspired to give back A Gift of Love.

Please join us in showing your support by making your Gift of Love with your next purchase of Maxim Hygiene products

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