On the Road: Day 3- Is the Tank Half Full or Half Empty?

Today we had to pack up and head on Northward. We’ve done what we can to introduce Southern California to Maxim’s goodies. Now we’re going to try our hand at connecting with the lovely populace of San Francisco and the surrounding areas.

The drive was about 7 and a half hours long with traffic and pit stops. This trip has been quite a journey. So many things packed into short drives, short visits, short meals, etc. Processing the events and the things I’ve been learning is quite the task, but the one thing I’m always sure of is that this trip has been a privilege and a once in a lifetime experience.

Here are a few pictures from our full day drive.

Exhibit A: Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

There was so much zany greenery exploding out of the sides of the trails. The smells of sage, lemon balm, lavender, licorice, chicory, and rosemary were making me delirious. The desert bloom I’m holding in the picture above would be the perfect gift for your most hated enemy.

Exhibit B: The Crazy Trekker Man

This guy seemed determined to walk the entire length of U.S. 101 North by foot. He didn’t even stop to see the scenic view for rare Sea Lions! I wish I had that kind of stamina.

Exhibit C: Miles and miles of driving where I simply couldn’t tell if I was awake or dreaming because it was so gorgeous.

Exhibit D: A spur of the moment hike that led us to a hidden waterfall.

Exhibit E: Dinner overlooking Big Sur at a restaurant called Nepenthe.

His restaurant was actually a blast from the past for me. I visited this place when I was a wee one with my family. But this is a must see, because not only is this place a restaurant, it’s a peaceful green haven that has a gift shop (complete with locally designed crafts and books about Big Sur) and a set of hot springs.

It’s days like this that renew my attitude and help me remain optimistic about our cause and our journey at Maxim.

The active question of the day is about the quality of experience and attitude:

Is the tank half full or half empty?

I’m going to go with half full on this one…

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