5 Non-Traditional #FierceWoman Ways to Honor the Tradition of Thanksgiving

All year long our blog looks to inspire the #FierceWoman spirit in you, encouraging you to be the beacons of light, change-makers and leaders of your communities. Whether it be to start a new health-oriented business like July’s #FWOTM Lorraine Vontista or running the London marathon with a taboo-breaking purpose like August’s #FWOTM Kiran Gandhi did, […]

#FWOTM: Amy and Sophie Silverman, Paving the Way for Periods With Style and Positivity

We first heard part of Sophie and Amy Silverman’s narratives in a quirky and superbly featured installment of NPR and PRI’s most darling podcast: This American Life. On episode 564, entitled Too Soon, Ira Glass, the host and producer of the show,  discusses with Amy, her relationship to an old video from the 60’s or 70’s, named […]

Why does my vagina smell?

Femininity. It is an endless journey and today, we’re taking you on a small biochemical tour of vaginas to help answer – What’s with the smell? From when we gain an awareness of ourselves as girls to the reflective moments we have as cute or cranky old ladies, we learn more and more about inhabiting our bodies. […]

5 Bloody Good Halloween Costume Ideas

The past couple of weeks we’ve been reporting to you on some serious blog topics. In the spirit of Halloween and what is shaping up to be the year of the period, it’s definitely time to have a little fun! We’ve got some humorous menstrual related Halloween costume ideas that won’t just give you a […]

What are you #sorrynotsorry for? How one hashtag is fraying female power

Everybody’s new favorite sassy hashtag for everything from farting to posting photographs of extreme public displays of affection: #sorrynotsorry; Pantene Pro-V’s new favorite way to lure women to shiny hair and sitting up straight in their dresses; And everyone’s new favorite way to apply feminism- pointing out another flaw in womankind- great, so excited to […]

#FWOTM: Fran Drescher Gearing Up for the 2015 Women’s Health Summit in Los Angeles

Known to many teens of the nineties and Millenials as the effervescent caretaker with the beloved yet absurdly satirical Long Island drawl, the nanny, has seriously pushed the envelope in a lot of ways you may have missed in the last decade. Fran Drescher has become a significant force in the realm of advocacy for women’s […]

How to Talk About Periods with Young Girls

When I was a young girl the information I got on how my body worked was pretty limited. We got the basics in biology and it was mainly focused on letting you know that you got a period every month and that one day you would have a baby. Nothing was said on how the […]

#FWOTM: Ana Mayer, An Innovator Who Meets Fertility Needs on Our Terms

Ana Mayer is the Co-founder of Ovatemp, a company that provides an easy to use ovulation predictor kit for smart phones. At Maxim, you know we’re always exploring the theme of taking control of our health through a diverse means of empowerment, like using essential oils and realigning chakra energy. Making fierce innovations in the realm of fertility and […]

The Honor in Horror- A Period’s Place of Power

The four to eight days women spend sorting through various premenstrual symptoms of physical woe is not often thought of fondly. Gruesome bouts of bleeding, emitting dark odors, touches of wrath, ceaseless stabbing pain- these are all elements of what many women associate their periods with and ironically also descriptors of some of the most […]

#HealthyMenstruation with Kelly Springer, MS, RD, CDN

It comes each month and for some of us it drags, its heavy, your skin breaks out, your stomach hurts, your breasts are tender , and you have an aching head. Yup you got it! For some women, their menstrual cycle is a thing to dread. I hope after reading this short article you will […]