3 Ways to Make Your Voice Heard

Earlier this year, in the spirit of our #FierceWoman icon of the year, Malala Yousafzai, we set our intention for 2016 to be Exercising Your Feminine Voice and encouraged our readers and ourselves to ask how we would use that voice to create positive change. We wanted to check in on how those vocal cords, […]

#LetGirlsLearn About #HealthyMenstruation!

Yesterday First Lady Michelle Obama gave an empowering and convincing speech about the benefits the world has to gain from supporting the education of young girls. The talk was in support of the #LetGirlsLearn initiative she launched with President Obama last year and the World Bank’s commitment to invest $2.5 billion over five years in […]

A Solution to Menstrual Shaming in Rwanda and Schools

Imagine a school bathroom, shared by teenage girls and boys.  Perhaps unisex bathrooms make you uneasy, but even so, you probably envision a line of stalls, each with its own door, and a row of sinks with clean water, soap and paper towels. Now, envision this: instead of toilets, there’s a trench of deep pits […]

Our Five Favorite Recipes for PCOS

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is not only the leading cause of infertility in women, but also the culprit behind symptoms such as irregular periods, severe abdominal pain, rapid weight gain, depression, anxiety, excessive hair growth, increased testosterone levels, dark skin patches, acne, low libido, and thinning hair. PCOS is sometimes referred to as the […]

#FWOTM: Gretchen Ki Steidle, “The Mindful Warrior” of Global Grassroots

Before being nicknamed ‘The Mindful Warrior’ of Global Grassroots, Gretchen Ki Steidle began her humanitarian pilgrimage by first listening to and learning from the marginalized. From the deserts of Eastern Chad to the corners of Thailand and the townships of South Africa, Gretchen spent months speaking with survivors fleeing the genocide in Darfur, studying under […]

NYC: The Next Stop on the #TamponTax Elimination Express

From Obama to Vogue journalists, people are speaking out against the #tampontax and citing the need to increase access for women in need. Just last week, NYC’s Queens Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras-Copeland announced a pilot program that will equip 25 high schools in low-income neighborhoods with free, stocked tampon dispensers to combat girls staying home from […]

#FierceWomenFunded Non-profits for Women’s Empowerment

Earlier this year, we announced our commitment to donating 10% of Maxim’s online stores’ sales to non-profit partners associated with our fierce woman philosophy and women’s empowerment. Our #FierceWomen series is one of our favorite things we do at Maxim Hygiene Products. Our company was built not only to provide women with organic and natural feminine hygiene alternatives, but […]

If Malala Was a Green Feminine Hygiene Queen…

Instead of using the opportunity of having a female presidential candidate to shine light on certain women’s issues that are rarely discussed, like the movement to end the ‘Tampon Tax,’ or to make glyphosate a well-recognized carcinogen, it seems like we’re spending a lot of time listening to old men bicker. We, the American people, and the […]

#FWOTM: Chelsea VonChaz, Creating Meaning Around A #HappyPeriod for Homeless Women

Over 40 million women in the United States live under the poverty line making tampons and pads prohibitively expensive, especially for homeless women and young teens, since they cannot be bought  with food stamps. Every night, almost 300,000 women go to sleep without a roof over their head and without the resources to clean themselves. […]

A #FierceWoman Wish List for a Female President

Apparently, there is a special place in hell for female voters not supporting Hillary Clinton, implied former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright. Both her and feminist luminary, Gloria Steinem, have both compelled women to vote for Hillary in recent weeks, as her numbers trail Bernie’s in recent primaries, disappointing supporters campaigning for the first woman […]