#GoWiththeFlow – Automated Monthly Period Product Subscription Service

Here’s an all too common scenario that a free flowing gal on her period can relate to – you run into your house after a day at work or school where your period cramps were so bad that they made you want to huddle under your desk… You know it’s a matter of minutes before you […]

5 Signs You Might Need a Vaginal Steam

The uterus is a perfectly self- cleansing organ. Once a month it cleans itself out by shedding its lining and all of its contents. This is known as a period. But just like any organ of the body, sometimes it doesn’t always do its job the way it’s supposed to and that’s where a vaginal steam treatment […]

Who Will Be The #FierceWomen of 2016? – YOU Nominate, YOU Win

Aaaah, as we wind down the first week of the new year, we’re feeling empowered and ready for all the great new possibilities and exciting initiatives we’ll be unraveling in 2016. How can we not be optimistic after one of the most exciting years in Maxim and menstrual hygiene activism history?! Last year’s Fierce Women truly captured […]

Exercising Your Feminine Voice in 2016

For our annual #FierceWomanoftheYear crowning ceremonies last year, we took a page out of Diane Von Furstenberg’s book and life experience to encourage you to think about “Who is the woman I want to be in 2015?” So, what did you come up with? We want to know! Our first ever Green Feminine Hygiene Queen […]

Death and Taxes May Be Certain… But Why a Tax on Tampons?

If Benjamin Franklin were still around today, we think he’d be proud to take a stand for the #TamponsForAll campaign being spearheaded by Cosmopolitan magazine and Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, a fierce advocate on gender issues. The #notaxontampons aspect of the initiative has gained over 30,000 supporters who have signed a petition that asks U.S. state legislators […]

What is Glyphosate and Why You Won’t Find Them in Maxim Organic Tampons?

A new study coming out of Argentina recently made headlines after revealing supporting evidence for this shocking stat that confirms all we’ve been preaching about for the past eight years – 85% of cotton-based feminine hygiene products contain glyphosate, a synthetic compound herbicide used as the primary ingredient in Monsanto Roundup to kill weeds (Original […]

5 Non-Traditional #FierceWoman Ways to Honor the Tradition of Thanksgiving

All year long our blog looks to inspire the #FierceWoman spirit in you, encouraging you to be the beacons of light, change-makers and leaders of your communities. Whether it be to start a new health-oriented business like July’s #FWOTM Lorraine Vontista or running the London marathon with a taboo-breaking purpose like August’s #FWOTM Kiran Gandhi did, […]

#FWOTM: Amy and Sophie Silverman, Paving the Way for Periods With Style and Positivity

We first heard part of Sophie and Amy Silverman’s narratives in a quirky and superbly featured installment of NPR and PRI’s most darling podcast: This American Life. On episode 564, entitled Too Soon, Ira Glass, the host and producer of the show,  discusses with Amy, her relationship to an old video from the 60’s or 70’s, named […]

Why does my vagina smell?

Femininity. It is an endless journey and today, we’re taking you on a small biochemical tour of vaginas to help answer – What’s with the smell? From when we gain an awareness of ourselves as girls to the reflective moments we have as cute or cranky old ladies, we learn more and more about inhabiting our bodies. […]

5 Bloody Good Halloween Costume Ideas

The past couple of weeks we’ve been reporting to you on some serious blog topics. In the spirit of Halloween and what is shaping up to be the year of the period, it’s definitely time to have a little fun! We’ve got some humorous menstrual related Halloween costume ideas that won’t just give you a […]